What should one do when every morning you wake up and think -

“Today is the day the duck is broken! Today is the day I get back on the horse and get back to the grind and get back to my old self.”

…and then at Midnight you shut down the screen and you realise that it was just another Tuesday like the previous Monday where nothing got written and it was just like the previous Friday where no decent photograph was taken? Continue reading

Bye Bye 2013 part 2

In my last post I mentioned that I had been discharged from Mental Health services. This was by and far the biggest thing that had happened to me in absolutely ages. It turned my whole life upside down. I was neither prepared nor unprepared for this to happen. There was no build up to the discharge, it was pretty much just announced one day and happened the next. I have written about this before, and I really don’t want to go into it again, needless to say, I have survived the ordeal and I am still here, so I really can’t complain. Continue reading

Bye Bye 2013

… and hello 2014.

I started a version of this post that was very negative, but then I started to think that I really didn’t want to go into the new year with all that crap on my shoulders. So instead, I look back to the past year and offer the things that have lifted me and made me proud. Continue reading

Heads In The Stars

It seems that I have dragged my family into outer space and beyond lately. It has been no secret that I have a penchant for Science Fiction and Fantasy in my entertainment choices, given an option between the mind numbing experience of sitting through any of the “reality” game shows that proliferate the TV these days or some kind of limb reduction with a Rusty Spoon (Why a Rusty Spoon? Because it hurts more!), I’ll take the rusty spoon thank you very much. Continue reading