Monday Politics

This is a tough post to write but I think I have to write about this.

In Sundays Obvserver this week stating that economic migrants should not be automatically put to the top of the queue for social houseing, and that ordinary uk citizens should take priority.

Now as I said at the start of this post it’s a tough one to write. How do I sufficiently explain how I feel without coming across as some right wing nut job who has a long standing membership to the BNP. That couldn’t be further from the truth but I do feel strongly that people who are born and raised in this country should be first on the list for houseing.

I do believe that people who are in trouble and have no where else to go, political migrants, for instance. These people need our help straight away, but if your here to make money just because our standard of living is higher than your country then you need to pay your way and not expect the country to pay your way.
Rant over.

For more on this check out the original article

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