Project 39 – Week 10

This week hasn’t been the greatest, and I really don’t feel like reflecting back on it. So rather than say nothing I thought I would share a couple of little people who I haven’t actually met yet, but who are massive parts of my family.

As is common knowledge, I became a grandfather at the tender age of 25 when I married Linda. I had a ready made family and that family was still growing when we left America back in 2002. More recently it’s grown even more.

Brandy, Lindas eldest daughter had a daughter Gabriela. Gabi, make 4 that Brandi has, Christian, Kat and Susi. I have met and changed diapers of all three of those kids. Each of them has a great personality that make them stand out as great humans that they are. In these days of Facebook and Instagram all I have to build my opinion of Gabi is the pictures and status updates I read on Facebook and what we hear from family in long distance phone calls (damn expensive plane tickets). But when you are presented with a picture like this one:

Lions and Togers and Bears OH MY !!!!

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY !!!!

What other conclusion can you draw except that she has been born into the right family. This one is ready to create mayhem and have fun whilst doing it.

The other member of the family I haven’t met yet is my nieces first son.

Now my niece is a special kid in her own right. She is taking care of her baby and going to school and making sure things are done right with the help of her family. I can’t and won’t fault her for that, she is, to me, a star. Now.. on to Jasper. Jasper is a nut, he is a comedic genius, he is a casanova.. he has so many ladies flocking round him it’s unreal. I finally worked out how he does it too… he’s not afraid to use props. I offer my exhibit:

Kiss Me!!!

Kiss Me!!!

Ladies love a guy who isn’t afraid to make a joke of himself. This dude let his mother take photos of him doing this crazy stuff and then post them online… You see at 1 year old he knows how to play the game. He knows how to work Social Media. Oh the youth of today so tech savvy.

In all seriousness. It has been over 6 years since I have seen any of my American family through a catalogue of reasons be it health or financial constraints, and I really do miss them. I know that it hurts Linda that she can’t see her family more, and I really do wish that there was a way or means that I could make this happen more. Maybe the future will be more kind to us, and things will start to look up, something has to start going our way soon… something has to look up.. just one thing.

Until Next Time…

Edit – I have added a couple of image galleries of the whole American side of the family from my last trip to see them. Take a look under the Photo Memories Link up top.

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