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I appear to be in rant mode of late, I swear I am not Mr Angry, it just seems that things rile me up and it puts me in the mood to write, which when you have been going through a dry spell; you are grateful for. You can rest easy that this rant is not as heavy and as political as the last one, this one is more a personal bug, and needed to be released and let out and set free so I could justify some of my more obsessive tendencies.

Skid Row guitarist Dave Sabo has claimed in an interview with Rock and Load that no one has time to listen to albums these days due to time constraints and money being tighter.

Whilst I agree that both of these points are valid and quite true, his points are totally without merit. Never before has it been easier to take more music in more ways with you where ever you go. Be it on your MP3 player or through a streaming service like Spotify, you can listen to full albums (with some caveats) to your hearts content.

Skid Row, back in the late 80s and early 90s gave me 2 of the albums of my formative music life and supplied me with a handful of great live experiences that I will treasure for the rest of my life. What caught me on to Skid Row after their first live exposure was that music they produced on vinyl and tape. Without Slave to the Grind to follow up the first flush of madness, I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to go out and see the band 4 times supporting that album.

This past week Pink Floyd released what is in essence an album of leftover material from a 20 year old album. What makes this album special is that no one expected it. No one knew it was coming before March of this year. The album was promoted and “hyped” in less than 8 months. A Pink Floyd album written, produced, promoted and released in less than one calendar year; Impossible you might think, but no. It just happened.

Pink Floyd The Endless River Album Cover

THE album of the year

What has the interview with a 90s Hard Rock guitarist got to do with a Pink Floyd album? Well, since that Pink Floyd album was released last Monday, I think, at a generous guess, must have listened to that album 15-20 times. From START TO FINISH – WITHOUT STOPPING. You know, that works out at 15-20 hours of music with just THAT Floyd album alone. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that zealous Pink Floyd fan who has sat there and listen to the album on repeat over and over again with exception to everything else, there have been numerous other thing in the playlist as well. So Sabo’s assertion that no one has the time for complete albums is a far reaching generalisation; and I don’t think I am on my own in thinking this.

To be quite frank, Skid Row hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with their past two EP releases. They are good, but they aren’t Skid Row and I just didn’t get the overwhelming urge to want to review them as I did with their former lead singers’ release, which I reviewed for Scribes of Metal

I am not going to rag on Skid Row for not producing the goods all these years later, that isn’t the point of this post. The point I really want to make is that today, music, regardless of what genre you listen to is one of the last true bastions of peace and solitude left to mankind. You could be listening to the most thunderous Orchestral Symphony or the most raucous Rock and Roll album from the loudest and dirtiest band, it doesn’t really matter (except if you are listening to Be*ber or 1Dir***ion, there is no excuse for that) you have your own safe space to escape to. Plug in your earbuds and head off for those 45 minutes of your current favourite album. If it means being anti-social for a short while, hey I am sure others will understand. If you have to put something off for 1 night in the week just to give yourself that extra time to play some quality music for yourself. Make time to love your ears and your mind will love you for it.

By the way… Go and buy the new Pink Floyd album. The Endless River. It is THE Undisputed album of the year; you have my word on that.

Until next time…

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