An Escape

The post I originally started writing was dark, dismal and full of swear words. Absolutely not what I have been about lately. Something I have tried to build myself away from for a while. Yeah, OK, I may feel bad at the moment and I may not have sunbeams shining out of my bum at the  moment but I don’t have to bring everyone else down with me. So that post is going stay in my Drafts folder for a while and instead I am just going to share a few things with you instead.

In my 39th year I decided to do a project… it wasn’t to successful, I think I got 8 weeks in and then gave up. I think thinking about getting to 40 depressed me enough without having a weekly countdown to contend with . Anyway, consider this an addendum to that project.

First up is a photo I took this week whilst out. It was a pure fluke, I was minding my business listening to PM on Radio 4 and then something hit me on my leg. It was a piece of Slate. I looked to my left and there was a whole “thing” (that’s a botanical word you know”) of Slate pieces just laying there and one piece decided to commit Hari Kiri and jump out and hit me… How Rude!

So anyway on my return journey from the Doctors, I set up my favourite phone camera app Hipstamatic with a Black and White film and a plainish Lens and took a few shots of the Slate from different angles and when I got home, I played around and this is what I ended up with.

Slate Pieces

Suicidal Slate

As I mentioned I have not been in the best frame of mind recently and if it hadn’t been for this next article you would be reading a very different post from me this evening.

Blissfully unaware, we readied ourselves to go to a birthday party on Sunday in our finest duds with combed hair and strapped ourselves into our carseats.  As we journeyed the half hour to the party, all was well.  We were going to be there ON TIME.  Everyone had napped and was clean and the grocery shopping had been done and we were doing so well.  Until we were JUST OUTSIDE THE DOOR.

I Got a Dumpster Family: The Things We Laugh About LATER: The Sickness

It really is strange what pulls me out of the funk. I can’t say that that one article has cured my down mood, but it has stopped me from focusing on it for now and allowed me to look on other things for a while and given me another option to write something in a more positive, less sweary vein. In my head, I have Joe Peschi going Goodfellas ten to the dozen.

Whilst it’s only Tuesday, I have come across two outstanding videos on You Tube already this week, that if I had spent a month of Sundays hunting for them on myself I doubt I would have found them on my own. Both came from kind folks on Facebook. Whilst it is decried as a Brain Drain by some, if used with some skill, you can cultivate a great daily source of information and entertainment without a single hint of Candy or Crush or tilling a farm.

The two videos are of heroes of mine, the first is Spike Milligan who is the Creator of The Goon Show and so much more, and in the video recorded in 1975  he’s interviewed  by a VERY young David Dimbleby in a show called “Face Your Image” where people from Milligan’s life give their perspective of him and he reacts to their perspective. It is a very insightful interview with a midlife Milligan who genuinely seems to want to be there without anything to sell. You can find the video here .

The second video is of Orson Welles speaking about The War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938. Much has been said about that broadcast and I have even mentioned it on this blog before now  (hint you can download the War of the Worlds programme from that page too). The video is only about 15 minutes long and is simply just Orson Welles sitting facing a camera talking about his recollections of the night and the repercussions of the broadcast.  It is a fascinating watch, there are 5 other programmes in the series and they are all on You Tube, here is the link to the War of the Worlds one to get you started and you’ll be able to find the rest if you get the bug.

To finish off this post I am going to leave you with my earworm tune that has helped me get through this past few days. The track is  “Fake It” by South African band Seether. I first heard this track over in America on WEBN (THE Cincinnati Lunatic Fringe Radio Station.. and yes Dean Ambrose did rip that off). Linda and I were over visiting and every time we were out in our hire car, I would have that station playing and you could bet that this track would come on. By the time I got back home it was embedded in my head so hard it hasn’t really moved ever since. It has a catchy hook, but the sentiment behind it really hits home for me.  This is lead singer Shaun Morgan doing an acoustic version back home in Johannesburg SA in a bar. Enjoy!

So that is it, that is me being as positive as is possible today. Just for the sake of it, the post that was going to be posted this evening was actually going to be titled “Fake It Til Your A Hypocrite”.

Until Next Time…

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