A Little Off The Top Please, Barber

Doesn’t it just drag your butt when you read something and it sticks with you for so long that you have to respond to it at some point in the vain hope that it will get it out of your system. Well, that is what has happened to me over the past couple of weeks ever since I read this most excellent post by Holley Perry over at ChasingDestino  – Reading that post urged me to comment and if you click this link  it will take you to the comment that I made. Well, that comment has stuck with me ever since and has now forced me to write this.

Now, I am THE least vain person out there. At least I would like to think I am. I like to look presentable when I go out, I don’t like to look like a scruff, I like to make sure my face and hands are clean and I don’t have last night’s dinner down my Doctor Who T-Shirt of the day. That however is the extent of my day to day regime of “making an effort”.

If, however I have to go somewhere important, then I will try and find a proper shirt with sleeves that come to my wrists that might (or might not) have a button that does up around said wrists. It could even have a collar too. The one thing that you can bet your backside on though, I WILL be wearing Jeans and either Trainers or Doc Marten’s (with purple laces). There are no exceptions to this!

The one thing that really nags at me though is my Hair – or at this point in my life… the lack of it.

Let me show you something:

This was taken around this time of year in 1999:

Me in 1999 All in Black. It was a Hot Day I didn't care!

Me in 1999 All in Black. It was a Hot Day I didn’t care!


This one was taken sometime around lunchtime today:

Me in less clothes and with far less hair and actually smiling.. probably means I am not sweating

Me in less clothes and with far less hair and actually smiling.. probably means I am not sweating

As you can tell I have more hair on my chin these days than I do on my head. I wish I could say that having no hair on my head could constitute having a Solar Panel for energy or some kind of sexual magnetism, but it just doesn’t work, it just makes me look like some dude with no hair!

Mind you, looking back at I think it was probably inevitable that I was going to have no hair at this point in my life. When I was a teen and early 20 something, my hair meant a lot to me. It was part of my identity. I was into Heavy Metal and Rock Music. It was part of the standard “uniform” to rebel against the norm. To be against the norm was what I wanted, the amount of people who said I should get a haircut just because it was the thing to do it was unreal back then.

There was a phase when Manchester music came into fashion and lanky long hair was in style and then all the boys had long straight hair that drooped down to their shoulders and over their eyes in curtains. That was funny! They used to stand around listening to James and The Inspiral Carpets gazing at their shoes… I was listening to Iron Maiden and AC/DC and banging my head and fusing my lower neck. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

These days, I am lucky if I can see my shoes over my 41 year old paunch (I can all it that if I want!!!) and I no longer head bang due to knowing far better, these days cutting loose means dancing like no one is watching and making my wife laugh if she happens to catch me doing my best James Brown impression in the kitchen whilst cooking.

There isn’t a day goes by though that I regret the youth of long hair and ripped jeans and sleeveless T-Shirts and walking past the Barbers shop and thinking

“Not Today Sir, Not Today!”

Until next time…

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Paul Hurwood

Paul is a frustrated entertainer. From a young age he wanted to be Elvis Presley, but Elvis objected to lending out his Jumpsuits at the weekend. As he grew older he tried to be an Actor, things there didn’t go so well either… the spotlights kept missing him.

Now Paul enjoys sitting back and writing about Music, Doctor Who and Mental Health. He has a passion for the blogging platform WordPress and enjoys helping out practically with day to day use of the platform where he can.