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Gibby-BirthdayThis past weekend marked the fourth birthday of my youngest Nephew, Gibson. He turned 4 on Saturday and it doesn’t seem like a week since I was called in the middle of the night to sit with his Brother and Sister as my Sister-In-Law and Brother made their second trip to the hospital to “try” and bring Gibson into the world. For a child with so much energy these days he was slightly reluctant to make an appearance back then. Mind you, ever since he has made up for it and has made sure we know he is around.

This year he had very firm ideas about what he wanted for his Birthday Party and he spent Saturday afternoon at a soft play centre with some friends for a party and loads of running around and much cake and food!

Today it was Operation Strawberry Jelly!

Gibson isn’t a big fan of cake so it was decided that we would have Jelly and Squirty Cream and Fresh Strawberries. Obviously, with Jelly (or Jello for any American readers.. I wouldn’t want you thinking we made the poor kid eat a Jar of preserves for his birthday :/ ) we had a big tub of Cornish Vanilla Ice Cream for those who wanted it too. It was a recipe for belly ache if I ever heard one.

With a birthday party comes presents. Gibson has a thing for Minion’s from the film Despicable Me so Linda and I went all out and splurged on Minion stuff and Nanny Kay went for the Big present. Because his brother and sister both have a Kindle and a Nintendo DS each and Gibson has been allowed to play certain games on his Mum’s phone he has wanted a Tablet since the one he got for Christmas has a bit of an accident. So Mum got him a Tablet that would be perfect for him to play games on. This was his reaction to unwrapping the Tablet:


The phrase “I LOVE IT” has been a commonly heard one all over the weekend and it was a joy to see his face and his body jump up and down with joy as he realised that he could now play his games again. For a child with so much energy he certainly went awfully quiet when he got that present. The look of concentration on his face whilst playing games that are way to difficult for me to get my fingers and eyes around is amazing to see. Oh to be “THAT” young and agile again.

When a Fourth Birthday Tea is thrown a massive Jelly is called for!!!

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..and yes, I had two bowls of this and I felt like a big kid again.

I think the birthday boy had fun and left his second party worn and all funned out. I know that we sure were. That’s not to say we wouldn’t do it again if the occasion arose sooner rather than later. I am sure I can think of an excuse for another Jelly to be made for something.. I don’t know… maybe that the day ends in a Y!

Until next time…

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