Witches & My Voice

Something akin to what I see in my head

Something akin to what I see in my head

I have been thinking a lot about witches recently, which is weird in itself as I know little about them except for the Pendle Witches and the obvious Salem stories from having the Crucible drummed into my head whilst at school (Screw Goody Proctor) – As it stands right now though I am heavily influenced by stuff by Rob Zombie (Lords of Salem) –   and Rosemary’s Baby (Mind you this is more Satanic than Witches).

The other big influence is The Wicker Man, but has been years since I saw that and all I can remember from that is floppy boobs and Edward Woodward at the end of the movie! (I almost gave away a spoiler there).

Generally I don’t do violence and swearing on anything I write. It is down to a choice I made that I would prefer that my Niece and Nephew should be able the read the majority of what I write NOW rather than in 10 years when they are old enough not to be totally corrupted by the crap that REALLY is going on in my head, but for some reason this story or thing that wants to come out really wants to be dark and messed up.

Maybe it is the OVER-influence of the above mentioned films that has lead me to the conclusion that what I FEEL I need to write is more important that to stick to what my “Voice” has grown in to.

Last week I had the good fortune to once again read another insightful post by Elan Morgan on schmutzie.com – She took the analogy that writing a blog was like making a Horror film (trust me if you could see some of the posts I have ditched without even CONSIDERING hitting Publish – Michael Myers would run and hide. Without me trying to cannibalise the context of what Elan was saying I’ll quote the the main point I took away and then I’ll drop the link and you can read at you’re leisure.

When you started blogging, was there a particular blogger whose style you admired and tried to emulate? That can make for good practice, but if you’ve been around for more than three months, quit it. I mean it. Quit it. You have your own voice, and you should use it.

Elan Morgan – schmutzie.com

It took me quite a while to settle into what I now consider my natural writing voice. I have set out guidelines in my head for when I write that I don’t like to criss for general day to day writing and for the most part they have served me well. The problem I have found in the times I have tried to write in other spheres is that I feel constrained by “that” voice.

THAT name linked to THAT voice is a hard concept for me to break. I have seen other writers who can effortlessly write post about how they spent a lazy day sat in a comfy armchair reading their favourite author gazing lovingly out of the window over rolling hills and wonderful mountain ranges and then the next day they can drop a 50 word flash fiction about Necrophilia (True story). That kind of versatility in courage of being free to write what ever comes to your mind is what eludes me. I want to write my Rob Zombie(esque) story but I am afraid I am going to come out of the end of it with Peppa Pig!

Until next time…

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