400 Onwards


From the start, I am not posting this looking for praise or plaudits, it’s just another milestone that I didn’t realise that I had hit until two days after the fact. I am good like that.

The last post was the 400th post registered on this blog at this time. Pay close attention to the wording of that last sentence. It is NOT the 400th post on this blog, THAT would be praise worthy in my opinion, that might have made me somewhat of a successful blogger. This blog as it stands is more of a Frankenstein’s Monster than Mary Shelly could ever have created. I have lost count of the amount of blogs that have been combined to create this one, it is at least three that I can recall of the top of my head.

As you may have noticed if you have visited before, I have a new look to the place. It isn’t the look that I had spent the past 4 or so weeks working on. That design fell flat on its backside this past weekend when I uploaded the theme and road tested it. It worked perfectly on my test site and looked great with all the test articles that I had uploaded and given it a good bashing on my local machine. However when I put it up live… Frankenstein didn’t have one spark of life in him poor old sod. Needless to say, that design was taken down and buried rather quickly and I had to look quickly for something else. Luckily, I found this one and for once I am happy with big change of direction it is going in.  There isn’t so much space white space and it looks like a blog again, which I think is good. It isn’t distracting and it has everything I think it needs. Obviously, if you see anything that is missing or blindingly wrong, please do let me know.

Going Forward

There are still a few bits I want to fiddle with , like a new About page, I think it needs to be more About… me and not just bullet points. So that is next on the agenda and then I am going to be looking at the next few steps forward. As often as I have changed this blog and as often as I have made promises to readers that more content would follow, the one person I have constantly lied to about all of this is myself. I have always had the best of intentions with doing this blogging thing. I enjoy it greatly, and it gives me an outlet that no other thing can or does. However I don’t exploit it at all. I have this space, it’s time that I made a jump into the salty waters and used it.

At this point I don’t have any fixed ideas on how or what will come next.. well actually I do know what is physically coming next as the next post is two-thirds written and just waiting to be finished off and polished up, but past that, I am a little lost. So forgive me if I start to wander around your blogs and you start to get questions from me about things that may seem random to you, for me it’s just research 🙂 .

Until next time…


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Paul Hurwood

Paul is a frustrated entertainer. From a young age he wanted to be Elvis Presley, but Elvis objected to lending out his Jumpsuits at the weekend. As he grew older he tried to be an Actor, things there didn’t go so well either… the spotlights kept missing him.

Now Paul enjoys sitting back and writing about Music, Doctor Who and Mental Health. He has a passion for the blogging platform WordPress and enjoys helping out practically with day to day use of the platform where he can.