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Each year I say to myself I will keep a record or review each episode of Doctor Who and then something comes up or my procrastination comes into play and I never quite get around to it. This year, I am determined to do it. I am hoping that I’ll be able to get the reviews or thoughts out quicker than I have this week, but anyway, here are my thoughts on last Saturdays episode “The Magicians Apprentice”.

First the Positive side of things:

  • A Different kind of opening to a series opener. It was almost as if it was hearkening back to the Doctor Lite episodes that we used to get in the RTD era of the show. An interesting way to start things!
  • In doing the above they had to give the Doctor a big entrance, and Steven Moffat explained this in one of the Doctor Who Extra short videos on You Tube:

For me that is an almost AC/DC moment and I bet Peter Capaldi lived out a Teenage Rock star dream filming that scene.

  • The Return of the Classic Daleks in this episode made me smile a huge smile of fond remembrances of playing with the Grey and Blue style Dalek bubble bath bottle in the tub every bath night. It was also fun to see so many Daleks all in one place and not a Teletubbie Dalek to be found anywhere!!!
The Paradigm Teletubbie Daleks are, hopefully, gone and forgotten

The Paradigm Teletubbie Daleks are, hopefully, gone and forgotten

  • It’s good that we are back to having two-part stories, it give the story room to breathe. If the quality of this opening episode is anything to go by then this upcoming series is going to be a corker!
  • I was really impressed with Colony Scarrf. The Visual FX department have done a wonderful job on the make up and Jami Reid-Quarrell (who doesn’t have a massive IMDB page, but should have and probably will very soon) has done brilliant work on creating a fantastic new character for the Whoniverse. I hope we get to see much more of him in the future.
  • I think it was great that with the absence of the Doctor for the majority of the first half of the show the rest of the cast were left to deal with the shows problems, and then when the problem became part of the solution solving team…. things, changed direction again. The whole sense of the show had a very different feel this year. I do hope it carries on. It feels like it has matured with Capaldi over the break between the end the last series and the start of this one.
  • Missy is becoming more Master and less annoying villain of the week. Michelle Gomez seems to have taken a small leaf from past Master’s books and taken a run with it and grown no end.
  • We are seeing more of Clara’s back story – her relationship with UNIT.

Now for the things I wasn’t so positive about. These are so much negative point, but points that just didn’t sit exactly well with me on the first watch.

  • According to the Big Finish stories I, Davros, Davros comes from an influential family. His mother is a politician and his father a high-ranking member of the military. Now, excuse me for one second, but that kid running round the wastelands looked like something from the gutters not a child from an upper level privileged member of society. Whilst in I, Davros, Davros does like to go out an explore, I don’t think even he would have gone into a War Zone and gotten himself THAT stuck up in a mess!
  • I am a little concerned that Steven Moffat might have blown the “Major Villain Budget” in the series opener. We have 3 major villains and it’s a blockbuster opening. I hope that he has some bang left in him and that he can still top himself as the series goes on.

In the lead up to this series there have been a hell of a lot of spoilers in the press. It has been awfully difficult to NOT get spoiled for this opener. The Radio Times, in the past two weeks has even told us a major plot point that I shan’t repeat, but needless to say, it really does put a downer on people who don’t want to know these things. If you try to avoid the major publications like The Radio Times when they have a habit of doing these things it’s all well and good, but once they leak this info, groups and fan pages on Facebook and other Social Media soon start to report on the news and it becomes next to impossible to avoid the news.

So what to do?

I don’t know! Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

What did you think to The Magicians Apprentice? Let me know in the comments.


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