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If we were going to have a coffee (or whatever you wanted to drink) and me under very hushed tones admitting that I was now drinking Tea most of the time. For the past 15 years I have been a heavy Coffee drinker. In fact, when people get stuck for a gift for me, rather than normal man present of socks or a tie, I get a new coffee mug! The Bigger, The Better.Mug of Tea

Unscientifically, I have worked it out that in an average week I usually drink 5 larger 20oz (1 pint) buckets of coffee a day that makes 35 pints of Coffee a Week, 150 pints a month and 1,820 Pints per Year. This is not including the coffee I drink when I am out of the house.

Well last week, I took delivery of a can of some American “Folgers Coffee” and I got a little carried away and drank almost three jugs of the stuff in one 4 hour period. I think people could feel the tremors from across the road. It was at that point I decided I needed to detox myself for a while. So I decided to have a cup of tea.

I am the rare kind of British person who doesn’t like Tea ordinarily and for the longest time have sworn off it. However, over the past week I have drunk it almost exclusively. I have had the odd coffee here and there, but it’s been tea for me.

So If we were having a drink this weekend, I’d be offering you a Rich Tea Biccie to dunk in your drink if you so desired.

Also, if we were having a drink together this week I would be telling you that I was right about Iron Maiden going straight in at Number 1 in the Official Album Chart on Friday with their new album The Book of Souls, and there would be no need for me to eat my hat like Paddy Ashdown foolishly bet in this  years General Election. It really was a forgone conclusion though. I knew the album would go to the top even before I had heard it. The press reviews were that good, it was a sure-fire bet.

Whilst I am sure that the album would not be to the tastes of a majority of the people who stop by to read this post, I would like to tell you that this album has had a unique effect on me in so much as it has rejuvenated me and allowed me to enjoy music for the sake of music. For some time, music had been used as something to hide away in. I had used Music as a way to block out the world and not connect with anything, The Book of Souls helped me reconnect with the world. It reminded me of being young and free, and when times were easy and all I had to worry about was when the next opportunity to turn the music up and bang my head would come around.

For the past week I haven’t hidden in the music at all, I have revelled in it. If we were having a drink together this weekend, I think there would probably be music playing in the background and when a good tune came on, it quite possibly may get turned up and we would probably be singing it and the top of our lungs… in my case badly out of tune!

…and finally as we finish our drinks I’d let you into a little secret and that’s that I am so glad that Under The Dome has finally finished. It’s not often that I wish for a show that I watch each week to finish, but that show each week in this last series I was just praying for it to be cancelled and when it was I was so relieved. Finally that poor cow that gets chopped in half at the start could finally be laid to rest. I decided that cow was the cow that CBS was flogging to keep that show running for the last third series.

Under The Dome

Under the Dome was the first Stephen King book that I had read BEFORE seeing the cinematic version. When the TV version was announced I hoped that they would just keep it to just one short big bang event series and just tweak the ending so as not to make it to boring for the people who had read the book. Hell, I would have taken a straight book to TV adaptation over what it became. What the show turned out to be was a confused, muddled, crazy and infuriating mess. It took a premise that Stephen King hinged his book on and then spun the premise into a Wacky…. I don’t know what. I am still trying to process what they actually ended up giving us, but it wasn’t pretty.

I am only hoping that the upcoming King TV adaptation 11/22/63 is better and if you take a look at Stephen King’s IMDB page you can see that his oeuvre is in high demand and there is a hell of a lot of King coming in the next few years.

So that was our first #WeekendCoffeeShare date. You have heard about a few thing that went on over my past week, why not let me know if anything happened in your week that made you change the habit of a lifetime!

Whatever the case, why not drop back next time I fill the kettle and we’ll sit down and you can hear me waffle for a while.

Until next time…


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