WCS – The Madman Returns… Finally

The Doctor and Clara wondering how long they have to wait for more Coffee

The Doctor and Clara wondering how long they have to wait for more Coffee

**This post is inspired by the weekly link up The Weekend Coffee Share originating from the Part Time Monster It is also bought to you By the letters W.H.O.**

Hey there, welcome back! Glad you enjoyed yourself so much last week that you felt you wanted to come back this week.

If we were having coffee this week, I’d probably be apologising profusely about the fact that we’d be drinking Instant Coffee and One Cup Tea. It has been an insanely busy week for all of us here. We had some new furniture delivered on Thursday and we spent the first half of the week emptying out the Living Room ready for its arrival. I don’t think anyone realises how much stuff three people can accumulate in a short space of time. If we were having coffee this weekend, I’d be chasing your mug around with brand new coasters so you didn’t leave a mug ring on the new coffee table!

Rattle That Lock Album cover By David GilmourYou all know (well you should if you have read more that one post) that music is important to me.  This past Friday “David Gilmour” released his new solo album “Rattle That Lock”. As with the Iron Maiden release I had it on pre-release from Amazon, which meant I got the MP3 Auto-Rip downloads first thing in the morning when I opened up my computer. I had to go into town Friday afternoon so I didn’t have the physical disc before I went out, and seeing as my Postal Service is never guaranteed before 2pm it is just as well that Auto-Rip is around. I have listened to the album whilst getting ready to go out and loaded the album on to my phone for my saunter around town. I have to say, I am never disappointed with anything released by David Gilmour. As far as I’m concerned, he was the sound of Pink Floyd. Roger Waters may have given them the words, but if it wasn’t for Gilmour, their sound wouldn’t have been anywhere near what it was!

After listening to the album a few times over the weekend though, I found that “Rattle That Lock” is just a little eclectic to be properly enjoyable for me personally. Each song on its own stands well but with Pink Floyd and with each member in their solo parts, when they release an album their albums should be listened to as a whole. For me “Rattle That Lock” just seems to jump from one influence to another randomly. Given a choice I would love to be able to reorder the album and then hit play. Maybe when I get a chance, I play about and reorder the MP3’s and see if I can make the album work any better for me. Maybe it won’t work and maybe I am just going against everything I think about Pink Floyd/Solo Member albums. Later in the week I’ll post a longer more in-depth review once I have given the album a more fair and balanced listening (ha! me the Fox News of Music reviews)

If we were having Coffee this week I would offer you a go on my new obsession.

Every now and again I get the urge to play a video game. I am lousy at them, but I get the urge to play them anyway! I have rarely found one that suits my style of playing and when I do, I rarely keep up the momentum of playing them to make any kind of inroads to make any impact on the game. Well this past week, I logged into my long dormant Steam account as I felt “that urge” to shoot up” some Zombies. As I logged in and after I updated the software I got presented with a few adverts one of which was an offer for a game called Injustice: Gods Among Us

I am not a huge gamer by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t own a console, all of my games are on the PC. Hang on that is incorrect, I have an Original Green-screen Gameboy hanging around here somewhere in a box, I may also still have Tetris too. My point though is, whilst I have a PC and a Steam account, I can’t use a Keyboard and Mouse to play games, which by my limited research.. in the top 1% of sucky PC gamers who need to use a Controller to play computer games,, and then play them badly. To make matters worse I have a bad memory for move combos, so I resort to button bashing. Mind you the reviews for Injustice did state that the Keyboard controls for this game were awful land a controller was a must and that Button Bashing is inevitable.

I have had two or three solid sessions on the game and I have racked up almost 5 hours playing time and for me that accounts for about equal all my gaming time over the last year combined I think. If you add in the few hours I spent staring at walls in Skyrim earlier this year, you might be able to round that up to a week!!!

For fun over the next week, I may see about trying to record one me playing the game and posting it to You Tube and I’ll put my efforts in next weeks WCS.

If we were having Coffee this weekend, you probably wouldn’t get a word in edgeways with me jabbering on about the new series of Doctor Who starting this week. This Saturday evening we all sat down and eagerly awaited the return of our favourite Time Lord… and return he did. I’m not going to go into it in this post, but do check back early next week if you are a Doctor Who fan as I’ll be starting my Doctor Who Thoughts posts next week. To tease and tantalize, I thought The Doctor trolling up with a Tank and an Electric Guitar and throwing shapes that Eddie van Halen would be proud of made my inner Rock Star proud. I could (and probably will) be able to write Fan Fiction for Doctor Who now, his exploits in Rock & Roll are now just a keyboard away!

The Doctor Makes his Grand Entrance

He makes his Entrance

If we were having coffee this weekend, I would love for you to hang around for as long as you wanted to, take a romp through my archives and see if anything takes your fancy. There is loads to read and ogle at. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line. You can do that by using the email button over on my sidebar or you can use any of my social media, my twitter is active now or you can Like my Facebook page (I’m always looking for more Facebook Likes.. shameless begs)

If you don’t have much time to hang around just now, I’d like to leave you with this little video that I came across early this week that brought back a load of childhood memories. This was a massive hit in our house when it came out. I hope you get a chuckle out of it as much as we did 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time…

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