Star Wars – A Force Awoken

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In the first minutes of Thursday the 17th of December I along with over 200 others I sat and witnessed an epic “happening”. For the first time I whooped and I clapped in a cinema for a film. I cheered when characters appeared on screen and I laughed heartily when in jokes were made that my 13-year-old nephew had no idea what I was laughing at.

If you don’t know what I am talking about… What rock have you been living under? What Internet have you been looking at for the last month? It’s Star Wars – The Force Awakens of course!

I am a huge Star Wars fan. It goes along with my Doctor Who fascination hand in hand, but on a different path. I am geeky about both of them and will gleefully sit and watch anything related to them anytime, anyplace. They both help me relieve stress and remove myself from the minutiae of my bent and dinged mind.

My sneaky shot of the Cinema as it looked before the premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens

My sneaky shot of the Cinema as it looked before the premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens

Where they differ is that Doctor Who is obsessional – it seems to take over for intense periods of time. It comes around in spurts, and then seems to drift into the ether for a while just lingering in the air while other things drift to the fore for a while; and then pops back to say “Hi, remember me… let’s binge series 7 for a couple of days and then watch 3 Tom Baker stories back to back and then a William Hartnell”.

Star Wars on the other hand will pop up like an old friend who I haven’t seen in a long time and remind me of my childhood and make me feel like a giddy 6-year-old. The reminiscences of school yard games of re-enacting scenes from The Empire Strikes Back where we all quickly chose a Character and then played out the scene for as long as the mid-morning break was. Whilst the sporty kids were off playing football with a Tennis Ball in one corner, we were fighting the Empire with our imaginary blasters and Light Sabers on the Ice planet of Hoth. 15 minutes was always just enough to get the job done. Maybe at lunch we could take down the rest of the Empire as we had more time!

Having those days brought back to me in the few minutes as I sat and watched the trailer and adverts before the new film began, I hoped that in the coming weeks that the kids who got to see The Force Awakens will get that same thrill and want to go out into their playgrounds and want to be Rey and Finn and take on the First Order and take down the likes of Kylo Ren like I wanted to take out Darth Vader; however part of me feels that the i-generation might not feel the same way or have the will (or force) to actually want to do that anymore.

Give me my 15 minutes and my old mates in the playground again with unbound freedom and I think we could sort this First Order problem out. I am pretty sure we wouldn’t need 500 million dollars to do it either, just a liberal amount of imagination, a lot self-made sound effects and whole lot of finger pointing blasters.

Until next time…

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Paul Hurwood

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