Life’s Annoyances

I had intended to write a totally different post than the one I am setting out now, but after a day or so of contemplation dwelling on Death just doesn’t seem like a clever or sane thing to do at this time. Maybe at a later time, when my head is in a better place I can come back and rant and rail at the Grim Reaper.

However, I do have the urge to write at the moment and with death being the only “non review” type post on my mind, I thought I would pluck a Suggestion” from my pot that I created last year and go that route today.

By the way… what do you think to the new look of the place???

Anyway, the Suggestion I got from the pot this morning was

Share Some of Life’s Little Annoyances.

This could quite possibly be the most ironic suggestion for a post that I could be given if you ask my family. I am, as I turn older, turning into the classic “grumpy old man”. I figure within the next few years I may even be able to rightfully change my name to Victor Meldrew and not have to bat an eyelid at that prospect. The smallest things can really, really get on my last nerve and other things can totally enrage me to the point of wanting to take out pen and paper and write a letter to someone (Disturbed in Sittingbourne).little-things-image-one

Some things that can set me off on a gentle rant stupid things happening in TV shows that make no sense whatsoever, like Series 3 of Under the Dome. I mean who on Earth (or any other planet for that matter) thought anything after the halfway point of Series 2 was a good idea? As bad as that one programme got I became one of the things I truly hate, I became a Rubbernecker at a Road Traffic Accident. I slowed my car right down and I took out my phone and I took pictures of the debacle that was the 3rd series and I was ready to send the pictures to the Local Evening News. I couldn’t take my eyes off that programme. I had to keep watching to see how bad and random it really could get; how many tangential links to the original source book they could touch on, but not develop into any meaningful storyline (If you were trying to find them… don’t.. There weren’t any!)

So yeah, TV programmes that start out well and then disappear up their own plot holes are one of Life’s Little Annoyances.

Since I started taking medication for my Mental Heath I made the conscious decision to not drink. After having a problematic time with alcohol in my younger days and a “family history” shall we say, I thought that the concept of Self-Medicating with grog was probably not a good idea. So when the pills were introduced, the booze went out of the window. However almost 9/10 years down the line and the periods of stability getting slightly longer my mind wanders back to the Sunny Saturdays in a beer garden or the nights with a few cans and the Rugby on TV. The one thing I really do miss though is Jack Daniels and Coke. I loved that stuff. I mean REALLY loved it. It wasn’t just because it was the typical drink Rockers drank, I developed a taste for it. It was something special to be savoured. The only time I abused it was the night after my Dad died, that was one time I had trouble remembering in the morning.

So yeah, missing a few drinks with friends in the good times is one of Life’s Little Annoyances.

When I went to America to “visit” Linda originally in 2000 I was introduced to so much new stuff that I didn’t know existed even though I thought I knew what America was all about. I am talking about Food mostly. One of the things that I got to devour whilst I was there (on my extended holiday) was a Jersey Mikes Sub. Now if you are reading this in the UK, you may have only ever had a Subway, but in America, there are shed loads of places that do them. I tried a few of them. However Jersey Mike’s was hands-down the best of the best. They always gave the freshest bread and always freshly cut meat for EVERY sandwich and all the veggies were fresh. If you think I am going GaGa over a bloody sandwich then until you try it, don’t knock it. I mean these people put Red Wine Vinegar on a Take-Away sandwich. I got to the point where I knew the people who worked in the store we used to get our sandwiches from, they knew my regular order as soon as I walked into the store. Can’t beat service like that. I miss that and when I have a Subway sub; it’s just never quite the same, I’ve been ruined by a guy named Mike from the Jersey Shore.

So yeah, not being able to get my favourite Sub sandwich in the UK is one of Life’s Little Annoyances.

Do you ever watch quiz shows on TV and try to compete against the contestants on the show? Do you ever feel smug when you know and answer that they don’t? I used to, not any more though. Now I just hang my head and mutter out loud: “Where did that useless piece of information come from and what bloody use will it serve in life”?question-Paul
You see I seem to have this annoying habit of being able to retain useless tidbits of information and then regurgitate them at random times when it is of no use to anyone; yet when I am in a situation where I NEED to know something important, like an exam or an appointment with a Doctor, I can’t remember diddly squat and I am like a stammering polar bear with a serious case of heat stroke. I think I could quite cheerfully take on The Chase and Tipping Point and not break a sweat if it wasn’t for the fact I know as soon as I was under pressure suddenly the sky would be pink and grass would taste like Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

So yeah, knowing useless stuff from who knows where is one of Life’s Little Annoyances.

My last annoyance is Procrastination. I am the worlds worst at this, and if you are waiting for me to stop typing this sentence to make a joke….. not going to happen. I am serious. It is one of my major character flaws and I would do anything to find a way to get over the demon that is Procrastination. It wouldn’t be so bad if I did something else in the interim whilst I was procrastinating from one thing, but I don’t. I usually end up sitting and thinking on something that is on my mind, or I get sucked into a silly chase around the Internet for some fact or another that I was sure I knew already but some obscure little Benedictine Priest has tried to argue with me.. and after all did I already go over the fact that my memory holds useless info, he only wanted to know what the name of the dancing frog in the old cartoons was….
It would probably not surprise you to know that during the writing of just this section on Procrastinating I have gone through several different albums of photos and several websites looking for an image and then I got distracted by a song that came on the radio, and then I needed more Coffee and then the bins needed to go out and then I needed a cigarette and then Facebook had to be checked, not to forget Twitter. See where I am going. If I had put off 99% of all that last little screed, this post would’ve been done twenty-five minutes ago and my head wouldn’t be dancing in time with the song from Flashdance right about now!

So yeah, Procrastination can be a pain in the bum, and one day I’ll get around to learning how to quit doing it, but not today… other stuff to do today.

Whilst I hope you take the majority of this post in the humour it was intended, it has made me realise one very important thing, these are all very superficial issues in the grand scheme of things, and there are a whole hell of a lot more demanding and pressing things in the world that should deserve out care and attention. Make your list of your Life’s Little Annoyances and then see how big your hill of beans is compared the wider world. Let me know how you get on.

Until next time…

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Paul Hurwood

Paul is a frustrated entertainer. From a young age he wanted to be Elvis Presley, but Elvis objected to lending out his Jumpsuits at the weekend. As he grew older he tried to be an Actor, things there didn’t go so well either… the spotlights kept missing him.

Now Paul enjoys sitting back and writing about Music, Doctor Who and Mental Health. He has a passion for the blogging platform WordPress and enjoys helping out practically with day to day use of the platform where he can.