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It would be a lie to state that I was a huge, die-hard David Bowie fan, because I wasn’t. However as you all know, I am a huge, die-hard fan of Music, and that is why my heart feels so heavy right now. David Bowie was an innovator and a creative leader.

In one way or another his music has always been around me. Mum used to listen to a lot of his 70s stuff as I was growing up, so I was exposed to it there, I am a child of the 80/90s so his output I got there and My brother has a hand in this too, as he exposed me to some of the Bowie material that I generally wouldn’t have listened to off of my own back. I soak up the music I am exposed to and it leaves a mark somewhere on my soul, and I found Monday morning that everything seemed heavy and dark, and that feeling has just carried on.

Last Friday I opened up iTunes and noticed that David Bowie’s new album Blackstar had been released. I knew it was coming and I knew that because of my subscription to Apple Music I could listen to it any time I wanted, no hassle, no rush. I took a quick look at the description of the album and saw that he had worked with a set of Jazz musicians on this album and my heart kind of sank. I really can’t stand Jazz music. It gets right on my nipple nuts. So, I moved on to my next choice and kind of left Blackstar and thought… “I’ll get to it when I get to it”, thinking one boring Sunday I’ll bung it on for shits and giggles.

I thought no more of it until Monday when the news was out and I people were talking about the track “Lazarus” from the album. Obviously the curiosity got the better of me and knowing that I had to go out, I put the album on my phone and head out. I went to a coffee shop, sat down, plugged in and just hit play. The next  40 minutes or so kind of broke me and rebuilt me. My coffee went unsweetened and I didn’t even realise until I was at the bottom of the mug and I was on the last track of the album. I had been watching people come in and out of the Coffee shop listening to his farewell to his audience.

I don’t think there has been an artist die, since Freddie Mercury that has had this kind of effect on the public and me. Both for differing reasons.

Freddie was a showman and a brilliant, unrepeatable one at that. They may try, but Queen will never be Queen without him.

David Bowie was an artist that painted his art using the world as his canvas and his body as his brush and paints.

Rest In Peace – David Jones – The world is a little less colourful now.

Until next time…

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Paul Hurwood

Paul is a frustrated entertainer. From a young age he wanted to be Elvis Presley, but Elvis objected to lending out his Jumpsuits at the weekend. As he grew older he tried to be an Actor, things there didn’t go so well either… the spotlights kept missing him.

Now Paul enjoys sitting back and writing about Music, Doctor Who and Mental Health. He has a passion for the blogging platform WordPress and enjoys helping out practically with day to day use of the platform where he can.