Reflections of 2015 (Part 1)

I originally wrote this on New Years Day and it kind of got out of hand (more so than usual for me). What started as a run-down of the past year and a quick look to the upcoming one turned into a 2000 word essay. So I have split it up into two “more manageable” ones. Here is Part 1 about Last year. Part 2 will follow in a day or two. Happy New Year!


Goodbye 2015

Here it is Day One of the New Year and I am late posting my round-up of last year. Can’t say things don’t change eh? I had planned for this post to be done well before the New Year happened so that I could do a separate post about this upcoming year and a few goals I have in mind. More of that in a while though.

2015 started for me stressfully, I was waiting at the end of 2014 for the (now) routine depression that seems to hit me after the festive period into the new year, but this year I had the first of a few Family medical situations that just wanted to put life on hold for me. For once, I kind of was grateful for having a “distraction” over Christmas and New Year to take the initial thoughts out of my head. However once things settled back into a rhythm the funk happened.

This time around I was just sick and tired of being held hostage to my brain and the change of the season. Christmas is a time to be looked forward to, not dreaded. This past year I was determined to make a change and do something about it. To that end I went and saw a Therapist – I wrote about it here in conjunction with the 1000 Speak Writers group back in June.

Looking Within Rather Than Out

Throughout the year there have been revelations for us as a family. Some good, some not so good, some downright bloody hard to stomach. I hope that 2016 is a little kinder on us and will give us a year to remember for more good points and not the bad.

In 2015 I regained an appreciation for Music again. What’s that you say… he lost it in the first place? You never would have guessed through the amount of Music talk on this blog. I do listen to a hell of a lot of music, that hasn’t changed. What has changed though is how I use Music. It is no longer just a barrier to block out all the crud in the world. It doesn’t just help block out the voices when they get to annoying. It isn’t just casual entertainment any more. Now, I’m reminded of how I felt as a 15-year-old when I got that new album from a band I liked. It meant something tangible; something almost ethereal.

Cover of The Book of Souls by Iron Maiden

What made this cosmic sea-change? – Iron Maidens – The Book of Souls.

When this album came out earlier this year it was the first Maiden album I had bought on day of release in over 15 years. It was good, oh yes it was.

Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls

In other Music related news, I almost fulfilled a bucket list item this past year. I am a huge Pink Floyd fan, as I have mentioned on many occasions, but I am an even bigger “The Wall” geek. I would have loved to have gone to have seen Roger Waters when he toured the show, but circumstances didn’t allow and I just settled myself with the fact that part of my bucket list would never get filled; and I was OK with that. That was back at the end of the Summer of 2013, fast forward to mid-2015 and rumblings started to happen that there was going to be a film of the tour. I was over the moon at the thought of being able to see the show in any official way possible.

The Wall In All It’s Beauty

At the end of September, we all went to see the film that Roger Waters’ had so lovingly put together to document his tour. It was so much more than just another “Concert Film”. This was a journey through his past, his demons and how he dealt with them and how on this tour he was finally able to lay some of them to rest. I now own the Blu-Ray and the CD versions of the show and they are way up there in my best buys of the year.

I have tried to apply myself more this past year to getting more stuff written and posted to this here blog. I think I succeeded. I do know that I have been more verbose this past year. I have written almost 40,000 words on this blog alone. If you add in the other bits I have written for Newsletters and other sites over the year I am sure I would be well over 50,000.

Now, that figure to some bloggers is just a month’s worth of writing or a really good first hack at a novel, but for me to build up from below 20,000 last year is pretty good jump.

I needed a bit of a kick of the butt early last year after a slow start and I was given it by a good friend Henrietta M Ross and I took part in the April A-Z Challenge. Well I started the challenge and then about 10 days into April a family emergency took me away from life again. I had intended to pick up the challenge somewhere through the year, but you know what they say… life gets in the way.

A-Z 2015 Challenge Banner

I have enjoyed more and more last year getting to know more people on-line. I have made so many connections (and I don’t mean that in a business kind of way, I mean it in a human way) throughout 2015. I feel so much better that these people are in my life.

Also this past year I have had the great fortune to be able to get to know some people who have been around my life for some time, but through one reason or another have become closer than just a few pixels on a screen. This wasn’t always easy for me to do, but now, I treasure that I can be more of a friend in times of need.

So that is my look back at last year. I hope your eyeballs haven’t dried up and withered, and I hope I didn’t bore you too much. Please do drop back in a couple of days to check out what I have planned for next this year coming up.

Until next time…

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