A Gentle Come Down


It is Sunday, it has been a busy week and I have been feeling it more than usual. Next week is even busier. Who knows how I will feel next weekend?

Life seems to bring crazy periods into my life and in the past I would normally have kept going and just ploughed through the tiredness and hoped for the best, at this time I am realising that I need some kind of self care and time to not make things worse.

I have never been the best at dealing with the blow out that usually happens after (or during) this kind of time. In times past I would have experienced a big crash and then be useless for a couple of weeks, just able to get by on nervous energy and not doing anyone any favours. This time, I have meticulous plans in my calendar to plan out what appointments and places I need to be over the next few weeks. When I look at the calendar and its silly amount of filled days, my heart kind of sinks as I know it is going to take a lot more effort to keep sane and well than it really should.

What really twists my nipple nuts at the moment though is that I have launched a new website that I had hoped would help me de-stress and mitigate the problems that usually come by such a busy schedule. With the ultimate amount of irony, I am to busy to do the necessary to make any inroads on making that website work. Ideally it should write itself (if only it could). But it isn’t working like that.

Maybe this all sounds like whinging, maybe I should just order a nice big block of cheese to go with this huge bucket of whine I seem to be wallowing in. If that’s the case then, so be it. But the take away from all of this is that, I finally feel that after so many years of trudge through the busy and then crash and burn scenarios in my life, I finally seem to have some insight and ability to know when I need to take that extra time for me. It has only taken me almost a decade of groups designed to give me this insight. I have no idea what has pushed me to really take care of myself this weekend in particular, but I have felt much better for it. So I really need to remember the following in the future:

Make time to do non-important things that I have been putting off e.g.

·         Changing the music on my phone and updating any apps that need it.

·         Pull out a few Radio Dramas that I have been putting off.

·         Take the time to catch up on some blog reading.

·         Listen to some really good music.

·         De clutter “my space” – I have a habit of dumping stuff around my desk space and then it builds up and I get this overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia. Believe it or not, clearing this  mess and having a clean area to sit in makes me feel better.

·         Cook something different for a meal for the family. Whilst I do quite a bit of the family dinners, the chance to experiment doesn’t come around too often, but when it does, I try and make something tasty for all.

These are just a few things I have done this weekend, sounds like a busy one, but in truth, it’s been really relaxing. Add in watching a really great Formula 1 Grand Prix from Spain today and it’s been quite a good one.

What do you do to make sure you stay Mentally Healthy from week to week? Do you have any rituals that you go through at high stress times that you would like to share? Drop a comment below and let me know.

Until next time…

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Paul Hurwood

Paul is a frustrated entertainer. From a young age he wanted to be Elvis Presley, but Elvis objected to lending out his Jumpsuits at the weekend. As he grew older he tried to be an Actor, things there didn’t go so well either… the spotlights kept missing him.

Now Paul enjoys sitting back and writing about Music, Doctor Who and Mental Health. He has a passion for the blogging platform WordPress and enjoys helping out practically with day to day use of the platform where he can.