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A few weeks back I posted that I had gone through a creative block of late and that I had found a really great list from someone I follow on Twitter @Suzie81blog. Well things still aren’t swinging and groovy in the creative lands of my mind for one reason or another, but hey, it’s swings and roundabouts at the moment. Creativity isn’t the only thing keeping me away from writing right now; health, wealth and perceived wisdom has a little to do with it too. (more…)

400 Onwards


From the start, I am not posting this looking for praise or plaudits, it’s just another milestone that I didn’t realise that I had hit until two days after the fact. I am good like that.

The last post was the 400th post registered on this blog at this time. Pay close attention to the wording of that last sentence. It is NOT the 400th post on this blog, THAT would be praise worthy in my opinion, that might have made me somewhat of a successful blogger. This blog as it stands is more of a Frankenstein’s Monster than Mary Shelly could ever have created. I have lost count of the amount of blogs that have been combined to create this one, it is at least three that I can recall of the top of my head. (more…)

A-Z Update

A-Z 2015 Challenge Banner

Folks, I hate what I am about to write because dammit, I was having so much fun.

I am going to have to drop out of this years challenge.

I have had a pretty major family emergency come up that has over the weekend.  I won’t go into details, but needless to say, it has pretty much sapped my will to continue writing in the style that I have been over the past couple of weeks for the challenge and as for having the time at the moment, I just don’t.

I’ll try to post an update on how things are going with me later in the week and maybe if things allow I may try to get a prompt from somewhere and write a post to ease the boredom.

I want to take this chance to thank absolutely everyone who has stopped by the blog, new and old over the past 10/11 days. Those who have liked a post, re-tweeted a post. Left a comment or just read and run. You all have lifted my spirits and given me more reasons to keep on writing in the future.

I will complete the rest of the challenge later in the year when circumstances allow.

Until next time…

Writing Through The Tulips


The title of this post has pretty much nothing to do with what I intend this post to be about. That in itself is nothing new for me, but I have been sat around trying to start this post for 2 days and I have been stuck for a title and I just need to start this damn thing.

The questions I have at the moment is:

Do writers need to be well read to be good writers?
What do writers need to read to be considered well read?


Rejected About Me Page

I am trying to spruce up this blog a little. Updating a few things here and there, making a few changes, updating the links on the Links page and moving things around. One of the main things I wanted to change was the Your Host page. It was written in a state of frustration. I was sick and tired of trying to come up with yet another About Me page and plaster it up and make it some kind of humorous. It has been there for a couple of years. In the early hours of one morning when I couldn’t sleep (count the many that have been recently), something flipped in my head (it was probably  the sausage roll that I had eaten an hour before, but shush don’t tell). I pulled out a scrap of paper and started a list of things about me.

Then I started writing.

What follows couldn’t possibly be used as a serious About Me page due to its bad taste, but hey, taste is subjective I guess.

How do you write about yourself without sounding big headed? You kill yourself, of course!

Your Host

Paul in a TARDIS Hoodie

Paul in a TARDIS Hoodie

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to bid a fond farewell to Paul Hurwood, who was a good man, for the most part… he was a heavy git to carry from the car to the front of the church.. he always did like his pie and chips, not to mention the odd gallon of coffee a day.

For those who knew him well, knew that he was never happier than when he was in plugged into something loud and angry, making his feet tap and his ears throb. From a young age, he had the beast of Rock and Roll in him. Despite his father’s best efforts to get him to play musical instrument, he took up the drums and didn’t do that too well either… there is nothing more sad than a failed drummer, except that of a failed Bass player.
After music came Science Fiction, in most part Doctor Who. One would often find Paul running around with a replica sonic screwdriver pointed to the sky,  screaming at the clouds for “The Doctor” to hurry up and come take him away from the “BLOODY MADNESS“. We were never sure “What Madness” and “Which Doctor“,  we are sure that the medication was working towards the end of his long and eventful years.
In his spare time, Paul was passionate about advocating for others who had problems with Mental Health issues.  He saw it as his “Duty” to stand up for the little guy and give a voice and a place to breathe for those who had none and nowhere.

His indefatigable way with life often masked a deeper issue. He rarely slept, due to Insomnia, so he joked that he had to be ready “FOR THE BLOODY DOCTOR”.  Always a joke to had for something so serious.

During the Internet years of his life, his passion for knowledge began to bloom. He found he learned more during the latter portions of his life than he did in all the years he attended formal school. He once told me “School was great for the basics, but the real stuff is online in the REAL WORLD”.

He leaves behind a Wife and Mother,  who have refused to die despite being twenty years older than him. They are now 120 and 122 years old respectively and would not die first as they didn’t want Paul to have any fun without them being around. Paul’s final words to them was  “Bugger”.

Also left behind, are his Brother Nik, Esther, and their children. They may have had their roller coaster times, but, when it mattered, they were at their strongest when they stood side by side and were united as a family.

Paul was a rather young Grandfather, 25 to be precise. It took him by surprise.  He wasn’t expecting it, especially considering he had never had any children of his own.  We are taking it that marrying a person 20 years his senior will have that effect. The 8 Grandkids all added a bunch of grey hairs to his beard over the years, mostly by their butchery of the English language on Social Media.

Ladies and Gentlemen, at this point in the service, we’d like to ask if there is anyone who would like to say anything about Paul?

*Fart* “Pepsi Max please and a Chicken and Stuffing wrap.”

Thank you, Linda.

*Cough* “Can I have my Cup of Tea now? They said there would be Tea!

Thank you, Kay.

With that, we leave you with your thoughts….

So  there you have it, the not fit for purpose About Him page that wasn’t fit for printing. No doubt there will be certain comments made from certain quarters, but hey.

Until Next Time…

A Revelation of the Mind

how to blog book coverI have read so many “How to Blog” articles over the years and the number one rule of keeping readers coming back to your blog is:

Regular Content

Well, I suck at that, and I know that if I have any “regular readers” it is because they signed up to the email updates ages ago and forgot about me or for some unknown reason put me into their RSS readers and haven’t purged me from their lists yet. (more…)

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