Singing And Dancing

I was at a hospital appointment this week, and as normal I make sure I get there a little early so I can get a drink and a cigarette before I have to go in. Hospitals and me are not strangers, but when I attend one of these group sessions, time seems to drag a little, even if the subject matter is interesting and engaging. I had my iPhone playing random music and just as I was about to head on into the Hospital a song started and it just made me stop in my tracks.

It wasn’t so much the song that stopped me, it was the sounds and and the reaction my body had to it.

I have a rather embarrassing secret.. I am a habitual Air Guitar Player. When I am out listening to music I will be strumming subtly along with the music. When I am at home, I really let rip. I might even sing along too.

Going back to Monday morning at the hospital. The above song kicks into my head and I get this urge to dance. Well, I don’t dance ANYWHERE, but I had the urge to bust a token move. All It was was me stepping up onto my tiptoe just as the song started and as soon as the drums kicked in, I started to walk normally, but t was in time with the music and it improved my mood no end.

You have heard of the saying:

 Sing Like No One Is Listening and Dance Like No One Is Watching

The song above is great, but the song that really pumps my Rock God inner being is by the same band (Thunder) and is called Dirty Love. The singer Danny Bowes has a brilliant voice. His voice just sounds like it comes from an eternal cave that just channels the sound from deep within.

Back in the early 90’s I got to see Thunder at the Nottingham Concert Hall and it was just brilliant. They were a band that if they had been around in the 30’s and 40’s would have been a big Dance Band that entertained the troops on the BBC Home Service (Think Glen Miller with Electric Guitars).

Bowes voice lifts my spirits and to me embodies the quote above. Sing from the very place that makes you feel good and strong. If you feel like playing Air Drums to Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” then you DOOF DOOF  away. Just make sure that you have a handy get out clause.. I don’t my family are used to me doing Chuck Berry impressions all over the house.

Until Next Time…

Carpe Momentum

Quite recently I have gotten in touch with a very old friend with whom I had pretty much given up on ever speaking to again. It’s great to find friendships from years ago that could pick up in moments as if no time had passed. This got me to thinking though. There is no visual history of our friendship from back then. There are no photos of us together, there are no videos of the madcap stuff we used to get up to. I know that if videos had existed then we would be You Tube stars in a week.. at least that is how my memory places my past.

I have a message for Parents and Kids.

First the Adults, Make sure your kids know about the need to document their lives. I don’t mean make them sit down and write a daily diary, but the big things and the small. Give them the option to have a Camera. It doesn’t have to be the biggest or best with all the features David Bailey uses, but a little point and shoot. If they have to have a mobile phone, make sure it has a half way decent camera on it. They will thank you in the future when relationships reignite after the last flush of youth has flown.

Now to the kids reading, If you have a camera, USE IT. Use it for good, use it to remember the good times. Make sure your SD card is always needing emptying, but it will be a lifetime of regret f you can’t relive those memories when time passes and you are older, it takes five minutes to transfer the pictures off of a card. Take pictures of your friends.. have friends take pictures of you, get a random bloody stranger to take pictures of you and your friends. You will never regret having to many memories but you will regret the missed chances that you can never get back 20 years down the line.

My youth was never conventional and I so regret not having a few pictures of the late night concerts we used to put on in the Library Park, (even the night we were moved on by the Police Lady that seemed to be following us around). I regret not having a picture of My Best Friend sitting on my shoulders as we watched Iron Maiden at the Assembly Rooms in Derby. Those moments are gone, take my advice and Seize The Moment whilst they are still in the moment.

Until Next Time…

Sunday Was A Write Off

At 8.56 Sunday morning someone allegedly in India using Yahoo Mobile accessed my account and sent out god knows how many Spam emails to everyone in my address book. Luckily I woke up about 40 minutes later and logged on to see an inbox full of returned email and friends alerting me to the fact that something was amiss.

I quickly did what I knew I had to do. I went in and changed my password and I deleted my whole contacts list (just in case it was a nasty in the machine) and went ahead to try and get some answers.

My mind was put to rest a little that my machine was clean, my Anti Virus had run over night and nothing was flashing up with Spybot. Also looking at the emails that were return undelivered I noticed that the emails sent had my full name listed in the FROM column. This could only have been done from the web account as my Desktop mail client only has my first name listed.

from there on out my day was taken up with transferring all of the business that was dealt with by that Yahoo account (Groups, Flickr and Messenger) over to a totally new account. I am hoping that I managed to remember everything before I terminated the account. I am pretty gutted at losing that account. I had had it longer than I have been married. I used it absolutely EVERY day. Now I just have another Gmail account to add to the list seeing as Yahoo no longer offer POP service to non premium users.

Throughout the day, whilst trying to sort everything else I was fielding emails from friends informing me there was a problem and even a few abusive emails. You’d be surprised at how little some people know when they think they have the moral high ground. For the first time in a long time, I was actually upset by an email. OK I have had shitty emails in the past, but this one guy really went to town belittling me for something that was totally out of my hands. Oh well, I moved on secure in the knowledge that I have done everything in my power to make sure my PC and the Computers of my online friends are as safe as they can be when dealing with me. I can only do so much and I can only do it so fast. It’s now 02.40 Monday morning and I have been at it since a little after 9am Sunday… so screw it I am going to bed.

Until Next Time…

Almost A Month In

It’s been almost a month since we made the big move and I have to say, things are settling down quite nicely. We have been and met out new GP, and have gotten most of our mail (that we know of) and the Supermarket delivery people know where we are. It’s pretty much as I expected it to be.

We are still living in cardboard city in the bedrooms and nothing has really been done to sort them out as of yet. We are all surviving on two or three changes of clothes as the third bedroom is one big dumping ground and that’s where all the clothes are. It’s mental that we thought we could just have a room for utilities. We honestly never thought that we would be in the same position that we were in in the old place (Having a box room full of boxes.) We’ll get around to sorting it out once the boredom really sets in.

I have been placating myself with endless music lately. My head has been racing quite a bit and music, as they say, soothes the savage beast. This evening for example has been an Iron Maiden night. I have imported almost their whole discography into iTunes and am steadily working my way through the lot. I remember being 15 and getting into Maiden. It was an exciting time, they had just released Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and they were at their peak. I listened to Seventh Son over and over again and ate up anything that was to do with Maiden. Each week I would go to the record shop and buy one of their back catalogue on tape. I could just about afford it on my paper boy wages and still have enough for Kerrang as well. Once I had gotten all of Iron Maiden I was happy.  I did have to save for a couple of weeks to get Live After Death but it was well worth it.

Nowadays my musical tastes have grown and Maiden isn’t the big influence they used to be. As a creature of habit I get all their new releases just to keep up with the anal retentive completest in me. It’s the same with AC/DC. Once I started I couldn’t stop until I had em all.  Back to Maiden for a sec. The reason they don’t hold the same fascination that they once did is that they seem to have gotten to Prog for their own good. I mean they were always into the epic tunes but now each track is over 7 minutes long and they start to meld together after a while. That’s why I intersperce New stuff with old, just to mix it up a little and remind myself why I liked em in the first place. No other band used to sound like Maiden (I know I went looking and never found them.) These days there are a dozen bands doing what Maiden do, dream Theatre being the chief band I can associate with the trend. I guess if I put Iron Maiden into my Last FM programme I would expand my horizons a little more.

OK I took a break from writing this post to check out Last FM Iron Maiden Radio station, and so far it’s all been pretty predictable. Started off with Iron Maiden and then went on to Judas Priest and then Manowar and Black Sabbath and so on… now we are on AC/DC so it’s turning out that this is a pretty good radio station (not quite as good as the Pink Floyd station… but you can’t have everything I suppose.)

Ok That’s it from me for tonight.

Be Safe and Be Lucky

2011 Is Here!!

So, Happy New Year to all my millions of readers. We have made the most of Christmas. Actually that’s downplaying it a little to much. We had My Brother and his family over for Christmas day and that means there were children involved. I have been saying for the past few years that Christmas just doesn’t hold the same sway with me any more. I guess I was growing up and realising that the commercialism of it all was just getting to much. I was in no way a grinch about it but it was just turning into another day. Albeit a day where we spend shit loads of money preparing for and spend half an hour in the morning unwrapping a few gifts that we had all spent money we didn’t have on.

This year was different. We had a reason to get up and make the house all festive. We had a reason to look forward to The afternoon.

The rest of the family arrived around noon and we were well on the way to having everything ready for Christmas LUNCH. I highlight that word because in this family we NEVER had Christmas day lunch.. it was always Dinner (any time after 6pm and before 9pm.) So for us to be ready to sit down at 2.30 in the afternoon and not feel rushed was almost a first for this family as far back as I can remember.

After lunch we sat around having a yack and generally having a laugh. We all felt a little dozy around 4.30ish so we all decided that we would just VEG… me I took the easy option and went back to bed for an hour. I got up and pottered around for what seemed like an eternity. It’s always like this on Christmas evening. Waiting for 6pm to roll around and the DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. That’s my highlight every year. I start looking for to the special as soon as it’s announced at the end of the regular series. They usually have a little tease at the end, and that gets my juices flowing and I turn into a rabid fanboy, scouring the internet for little titbits that will give me any clues about the show but not spoil it for me. I hate spoilers in general but I can’t resist having a peak at little production details.

This years special “A Christmas Carol” was quite different from what had come before it. There was no big bad monster involved. The only hide behind the sofa moment came courtesy of a bloody big shark. This was a more wordy episode, which if I am honest lost the 8 year old who at the end of the show asked “So, what was that all about?.” To be honest it was a valid question for someone of that age, who after the past few years had come to expect Daleks, Cybermen and The Master. I think Steven Moffet played it for the older fans for a change and not make it full of explosions and cheap pops. Whilst not a full on Dickens Christmas Carol it shared enough of the plot to make it recognisable to the 6 years sister of said 8 year old boy who was quite matter of factly told him that it was all about the The Christmas Carol. So if it didn’t pass her by (she isn’t the biggest Doctor Who fan) then it can’t have gone to far wrong.

After Doctor Who My brother and his family had to go home to get the kids to bed who had been up in one form or another since 2.30am that morning and tired little eyes were starting to show. We wished the a Merry Christmas and arranged for them to come around during the week for their Tea ()another Family tradition – A buffet tea that you can just pick at as the evening goes along)

After that it was a quiet wind down to the day. we watched TV and just got over the day. I was in bed by 11.30pm.

Nothing much happened between Christmas and New Years. I sucked it up and went food shopping in Sainsbury’s on Wednesday, which took some balls I can tell you. I hate supermarkets at the best of times but during Christmas and New Years has to be the worst, people think that the shops will all disappear forever so they go mad and shop like the food will be gone for good. For Christmas I was given a Monty Python box set. I already had it but Mum and Linda weren’t to know as I buy DVD’s and they forget what I have. Everyone who has visited during the festive period have mentioned the DVD collection on show… and that’s only half of what we have we just don’t have the room for the rest of them at the moment. So I took the box set back and hoped to exchange it for something I didn’t have. I was appalled at the lack of choice in Sainsbury’s. When we came down for a visit a few weeks back there was a great choice of box sets but now there was nothing. So I got them to put the money back on our debit card and I went DVD shopping on Friday. I picked up a couple of Blu Rays in Blockbuster. I got Watchmen (The Directors Cut) and Kick Ass. 2 for £20 dealio. These are two films I had wanted to see and had seem some of each but I figured now I could have them in all their Hi Def goodness.

New Years eve was pretty much a let down. I didn’t feel the spirit at all and kind of meandered through the day and mooched around cyberspace until around 10.30 when I went and watched some TV and wait for the fireworks on BBC1. We started watching the Hootenanny with Jools Holland, but even that was shit this year. I gave up the will to stay awake by 11.20pm and decided to go to bed and just say Fuck it. We were all in bed for Midnight and were informed of the new years entrance by the fireworks going off outside the bedroom window.

So that’s my round up of the Festive period. Loads of food and a little drink and a bit of Time Lord goodness.

One thing I do have to do in the not to distant future is to find an area in my bedroom where my DAB radio has a good signal. I am having to use my iPhone for bedtime listening and I am missing waking up to either a good classic comedy show on Radio 7 or the Today Programme on Radio4. I have become set in my ways and I need regularity in the mornings to set me up for the day.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Here’s to a great 2011 and beyond.

Be Safe and Be Lucky.

I Just Set Up My Computer

I am writing this on Thursday 23rd of December and we are a little under 16 hours away from having internet again. The wait for internet has been quietly stressful. I have tried my best not to let it show but my nerves and temper have been showing through the past couple of days. I have been getting snappy at little in consequential things and I think it has been picked up on as both Mum and Linda said that they would help me set up Tallulah today.

I don’t mind setting up my computer but no matter how I do it I always end up with spaghetti junction in the back and it takes me weeks to sort out the mess when it comes to taking it down or altering anything with her. I know I should be more organized but I have yet to find in the 12 years I have been using a home PC a way to keep all the cables tidy. It’s an enigma that will probably elude me for the decades to come. I’ll probably work it out one wet Tuesday afternoon and then pass out with the elation of it and die of a heart attack, just as penance for being anal.

One big thing that has changed is that I now have to be wireless in my computing. Because the mean spirited bastards who lived in this house before us only had Cable telephone we had to fork out for new phone lines to be installed. The first box I got a sweet deal on the second one in the dining room they wanted 130 quid for the pleasure. So i said OK I think I’ll pass and try the wireless thing for a while. I have a cheap wireless USB dongle, but if things keep going the way they did this afternoon then I may need to get a card installed on the inside of the tower. I keep catching the dongle with my knee and I am worried about snapping the bloody thing in two.

The move in and of itself was a fuckin nightmare. We had planned to have it all done in one day and get it over and done with. But after two hours of loading a 3 tonne Luton Truck it was almost 3/4 full and we still had more than a quarter left to fill it with. So a hasty conference was had and Linda ended up staying in the old house for an extra night whilst Mum and I came down to the New  house and unloaded the van and start the sorting out of the bulk of our belongings.

One thing we hadn’t banked on was having so much stuff to bring with us. I know that sounds silly but we honestly didn’t realise we had that much shit in that house. It appears that the Northants house was MUCH bigger than we imagined…. it’s either that or this new place is fucking minuscule. To be honest we should have hired a larger skip and ordered it earlier and pitched a lot more stuff than we did, it’s all well and good in hindsight as they say.

We have had two pretty good snowfalls since we have been here, and it was kinda pretty for a while until we had to go into town in the fuckin stuff. It’s almost all gone now and we aren’t forecast any more until next Monday. By which point we’ll not give a stuff because we’ll all be to stuffed to go out and be bothered by it.

Well that’s a brief boredom post done. I hope you all have a great Christmas and a wicked New Year. If I don’t write again before then… be safe and be lucky.

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