He Loved It

Gibby-BirthdayThis past weekend marked the fourth birthday of my youngest Nephew, Gibson. He turned 4 on Saturday and it doesn’t seem like a week since I was called in the middle of the night to sit with his Brother and Sister as my Sister-In-Law and Brother made their second trip to the hospital to “try” and bring Gibson into the world. For a child with so much energy these days he was slightly reluctant to make an appearance back then. Mind you, ever since he has made up for it and has made sure we know he is around. (more…)

15 Years

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the day someone was crazy enough to take me on and make me an honest man. It doesn’t seem like 15 years, it seems like only yesterday.

There are 1001 cliches that go along with anniversary’s and I could sit here and write them all out as I really don’t have the creative spirit within me at the moment. All you really have to know is that with an infinitesimal few times I never been happier in my life.

Mind you, if the Mayor of the township in which we were getting married in had had her way we wouldn’t have gotten married 15 years ago. Why? It was all a can of Ravioli’s fault. (more…)

The Guv’nor

Mum on the KLR

Whilst we shouldn’t wait for a certain specified day to say nice things about those who are special to us, today is Mothers Day here in the UK and I have the best Mum in the world. She makes me laugh, she make me cry (usually when she beats me for not making tea fast enough), and she (along with Linda) supports me through all the good times and the bad, thick and thin.

Many would see it strange that a 40 year old man living with his Mother, but when your Mother is mine, its a no brainer. She is one in a million.

To those sceptics out there… This isn’t in lieu of a present.. I didn’t forget.

Until next time…

Bye Bye 2013

… and hello 2014.

I started a version of this post that was very negative, but then I started to think that I really didn’t want to go into the new year with all that crap on my shoulders. So instead, I look back to the past year and offer the things that have lifted me and made me proud. (more…)

Happy Birthday Gibson

2 years ago today I got a phone call that I had been expecting. I had been expecting it for a couple of weeks.

“Can you come and watch the kids?”

Off I go middle of the night to babysit the kids who are sound asleep oblivious to the pandemonium going on in their own family. In the end I was home before the sun came upand Esther was home too. It wasn’t long though before I got another call to come back and watch the kids again.

This time it was the real deal, the baby was coming, and I was only half awake, and I was now trying to choose which Doctor Who DVD would keep the kids occupied for the longest that I could answer enough questions about.

Now we have him. Now he is 2. Now he is a high five slapping, train loving Choo Choo blowing never standing still whirling dervish. (more…)

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