In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take

The Wall In All It’s Beauty

A long time ago I learnt a valuable lesson in life. Don’t sweat the opportunities that you miss as they have gone and you can’t get them back, just move on and wait and try to grab the next one. However, when you are reminded of one of those opportunities and how close you came to having one in the palm of your hands it can really sting, I mean REALLY sting. (more…)

Rob Zombie to Direct H2

In a suprise announcement, Rob Zombie has said that he will be back to direct the sequel to 2007s Halloween. He is aiming to get the movie out by next October. Zombie is quoted as saying

“Now, we’ll be hauling ass, and that’s the problem making a movie called ‘Halloween’: If you come out Nov. 1 or after, nobody cares. If it was called anything else, I’d be fine.” 15th December 2008

For the full story click here

On a personal note I am amped at hearing this news. I love Zombies movies and I thought that Halloween was his best work to date. Roll on next Halloween.

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Movie Day

It was a weird Sunday, it snowed, it rained, it shined, it blew. It did all of that just on Sunday morning.

Linda had the day off so after we all got up and watched the Malaysian Grand Prix we went back to bed… I did cook a rather nice breakfast during the last quarter of the race but it was all over bar the shouting by then anyway. Hamilton did well considering the crapy deals he was dealt throughout the race.

Once we all got back up and were awake we decided on making Easter Sunday a Chocolate and Movie Day.

First movie up was 2007 Beowulf. The animated version, not the pants Sci Fi channel one.

The movie itself is shot for 3D cinema viewing and some would say that it doesn’t really work for the small screen, I disagree. You don’t need all the bells and whistles of 3D to see the mega amount of work that went into the animation of this movie. The voice work is excellent. From Ray Winstones Beowulf who was rather insistent that he was “… There to Kill their MONSTER”, to the Gollumised(ack) language of Grendal it all worked for me and even Mum and Linda commented on the great casting.

The Story is the same story that is always told can’t really change a historical story can you? I don’t know much about the original story but it was more fleshed out that the aforementioned Sci Fi version. It expanded on the story behind Beowulfs Tryst with Grendals Mother.

This was definatly the better movie of the two we watched on Sunday. The second movie being the Uwe Boll craptastic
In The Name Of The King – A Dungeon Siege Story.

This film is basically a sword and sorcery rip off movie. It rips on every decent fantasy movie that has been released in the last ten years. It’s biggest rip is Lord of the Rings. It seems that Boll has tried to cram over 12 hours of LOTR into 100 minutes of In The Name.
The Krul are rips of the Orcs
Jason Stathems Character is a combination of Frodo and Aragorn
The Krul on Horses are rips of the Ring Wraiths.

It was just a mess there were no redeeming features of this film at all. One wonders why such stars as Ray Liotta and John Rhys-Davies were thinking when they signed up for this mess. Oh well I tried it and for once I found next to nothing amusing about this film. Here are a couple of pics for the film:

That’s about it for me on this one.

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Superman Returns.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this film.

For starters it has to be said that I eat up anything Superman. I watched all the movies (including Quest For Peace), I have heard a lot of the old radio programmes, I have seen the George Reeves TV show, Hell I even had the T-Shirt at one point.

That being said, I haven’t read many comic books at all. I kinda begrudge paying so much for something that will take me less than an hour to read and then never get read again. I much prefer reading the graphic novels of full story arcs. The one I really got into was the whole Death of Superman storyline. There was no way I would have kept up with the individual comics being released so when the graphics came out I was made up.

Anyway back to the new movie. I waited with baited breath to see this. It was hyped to be big and better than anything we had seen before. Except I got the distinct feeling that I had seen it before. The land grab story is along the lines of Superman The Movie. Lex Luthor is still Mad Bad and dangerous to know, but Kevin Spacey’s Lex seemed slightly Kevin Spaceyish to me. He was great but I had seen American Beauty and Spacey’s character was kinda generic.

Lex Luthor


The new face of Superman Brandon Routh was a wise choice, he looks and sounds like Christopher Reeve at the right times and yet still gives a great individual performance that will only help make Superman Returns stand out in an already impressive line up of Men of Steel.

Brandon Routh as Superman


Kate Bosworths Lois Lane, was not as feisty as Margot Kidder or any other Lois for that matter but no other Lois was a mommy. Bosworth’s Lois stood out as someone who had aged and had grown up from her infatuation with Superman. But masks are hard to keep hiding behind.

Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane


The guy playing Jimmy Olsen is just plain annoying. He is mercifully not used much after the first hour of the movie. Jimmy as a character is supposed to full of beans but this guy is one big fart. Truth be told he was the only one who did really get on my nerves.

This film was always going to be compared to it’s predecessors, which I think is slightly unfair. They pretty much covered the Lex Luthor story in the Christopher Reeves movie, I think they should have moved on to another villain, wherein lies another problem… What other villains are associated with Superman? I am a fan and I can only think of Doomsday (the monster that kills Superman) and that story is to long and detailed and couldn’t be done justice in 2 and a half hours.
If the Superman franchise is to go on then there has to be new villains and adventures that don’t seem like they have been done on film before.

I know I have pointed out a lot of negatives in this, but don’t forget I am a big fan and I just felt like there should have been so much more that I got from the film. I guess part of the blame should go to Bryan Singer the director, it was his vision and his take on the Superman mythos that we see this year. He did great on bringing The X Men to the big screen, the reason being?… No one had any preconceived ideas of what a movie version would look like. Superman Returns had a brick wall to climb over before it was even released and that was what everyone else remembered from the past.

All in all Superman Returns isn’t all it could have been for me, but it’s a great movie for those not so anally retentive :o)

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Sunday is Movie Day

We saw two great movies and one very excellent TV show on Sunday.

Linda had to work 6-2 on Sunday so I made the most of the time and got a few bits done around the blog and planned for an afternoon away from Talula. By the time Linda got home and chilled for a while, we kicked back and put the first movie on.

Return of the Living Dead.

From my brief research on this film (I happened to read it on the alt.horror newsgroup this morning) George Romero , he of Night of the living dead franchise fame, tried to sue the people that made this film due to the fact it took the premise that what happened in NOTLD and claimed it to be reality and that ROTLD was an alternate time-line story (Major Fan Fiction).

Regardless where you stand on the whole alternate time line theme, this is one funny goofy film. That surprisingly has a great deal of accuracy about it. While it deviates from the main premise that a head shot will ultimately end a zombies un-life. When I say accuracy I mean it stays somewhat true to reality. In the graveyard scene where Linnea Quigley’s character has done a strip tease and dance and basically gotten down to just her woolly stockings (they don’t sag in the rain either – Just to dent my theory a little)

After the Zombie Acid Rain started coming down The Kids ran for cover and Trash tried to gather her clothes and managed to lose them again en route to shelter. Me being the cynic would have expected her to turn up fully dressed in the next scene. But the director did something most unusual and left her undressed for the remainder of the movie. Now it made a great image for a stark naked zombie with red hair to attack a homeless guy but the honesty that came from leaving her naked was cool. I hate the way when someone in a movie has sex and then covers up with the sheet to go to the bathroom. Sorry folks, it doesn’t happen and I welcome email or comments from anyone who after having a night of wild abandon would get out of bed and yank the sheet off the bed to cover their modesty. I sure as hell don’t do it and none of my past or present partners have either (not that that is a HUGE list) ( I just know that my mother is screaming TO MUCH INFORMATION TMI-TMI-TMI)

Anyway, the movie is a goofy horror trip. It made me want to see more of the early to mid 80’s horror that came out that was lampooned in movies like Scream and Scary Movie. I am going to start on the Nightmare on Elm Street movies soon, it’s as good a place to start as any.

Next up on the movie play-list was Adam Sandler in Spanglish. Not what I expected from Sandler. He doesn’t strike me as a typical leading Rom Com actor, but he pulled this off. There were flashes of typical Sandler, his rants in the car were great moments. Paz Vega is an incredibly pretty woman who I believed was as strong and as willful as her character was. Tea Lioni was well annoying as hell… which in hindsight was exactly how you were supposed to react to her. Pretty good casting all round.

There were loads of chicken soup for the soul quotes in the movie….Like
“Your children go to private school and you know that they are going to come out one of two ways… they aregoing ti fit in and become like the rest or they are going to be Odd… and don’t you just hope they turn out Odd….” OK I paraphrased but still you get the message. The script in that respect was a bit cliched and was probably one of the only things that for me let it down.

Finally we watch the new ITV Police drama Jericho. This stars Robert Lindsey as tough Hard as nails 50’s copper in London. Where the language is as plain as the beatings the undesirables get for being undesirable. ITV aren’t my top choice for drama. I have a problem getting into something and then having to take a break every twenty minutes so some asswipe can sell something. But Jericho will be worth putting up with the ad breaks for for the next few weeks. If you r in the UK and missed the first episode, check out the second on Sunday night at 9pm. You won’t regret it

So that was my Sunday afternoon and evening viewing. Not the most interesting way to spend your Sunday, but you know what.. I wouldn’t spend it any other way given the choice.

Until Next Time…

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