Looking Back Over 2016

It’s pretty much a given that everyone thinks that 2016 has been a sucky year. It’s been a pain in the arse for a multitude of reasons for a multitude of people. If you had a hero in the world of entertainment, then you dreaded opening up your favourite News Site in fear of finding that they had died. If you are into Politics then you may have been in hog heaven at the constant barrage of either Brexit or the American Election coverage.

It has been a year of polar opposites for everyone. It didn’t really matter what side of any particular fence you sat on, you probably knew that if you opened your mouth and put fingers to keys and posted to the Internet, someone, somewhere would take offence and you would be embroiled in a wicked slanging match over who was right and who was wrong.

Basically, 2016 has been one long Flame War that no side could win. (more…)

R.I.P. Robin Williams


Last night the sad, tragic news that Robin Williams had passed away was beamed around the world and in an instant a whole slew of memorable laughs and stomach aches that arose from laughing at his madcap insane humour came flooding to my mind. As the rolling news streamed on the BBC News channel it was already known that he had taken his own life and how he had done it. It seemed almost gruesome that his body not even cold and people knew the details. I couldn’t take much more and went to bed.

This morning I woke up, I didn’t feel ready for the day. One more hero gone and what’s the bloody point and all those fucking cliches.

Then I opened Facebook.

People were talking, not just about his death and how he had taken his life, but about WHY he’d done it. The depression that had plagued him like so many others had been made the bad guy. Sufferers were being listened to by usually unsympathetic partners and families. People you wouldn’t normally expect to talk about Mental Illness were talking about it. The world seemed angry.

The world had lost a genius to the Black Dog and now the dog needed putting down and the world was Animal Control all of a sudden.

I still feel like today shouldn’t be happening, and it really shouldn’t have taken a man of 63 to take his own life to raise awareness, after all millions of us have been doing this for years, but it’s happening and… well…

Until next Time…


RIP Ingrid Pitt

It’s with a sad heart that we must pass on the news that Hammer and Horror Icon Ingrid Pitt passed away today. BBC News reports that she collapsed  three days ago and was informed that she was suffering from Heart failure.

Ingrid was a star of the more racey of Hammer’s output in the later years of their heyday, but that shouldn’t diminish the impact she had on the viewing audience.

Alongside her appearances in Hammer movies Ingrid also starred in two Doctor Who stories, The Time Warrior and Warriors of the Deep.

Ingrid was still highly active on the conventions circuit and wrote a few books about the genre.

RIP Ingrid, you will be sorely missed.

Monday Politics

This is a tough post to write but I think I have to write about this.

In Sundays Obvserver this week stating that economic migrants should not be automatically put to the top of the queue for social houseing, and that ordinary uk citizens should take priority.

Now as I said at the start of this post it’s a tough one to write. How do I sufficiently explain how I feel without coming across as some right wing nut job who has a long standing membership to the BNP. That couldn’t be further from the truth but I do feel strongly that people who are born and raised in this country should be first on the list for houseing.

I do believe that people who are in trouble and have no where else to go, political migrants, for instance. These people need our help straight away, but if your here to make money just because our standard of living is higher than your country then you need to pay your way and not expect the country to pay your way.
Rant over.

For more on this check out the original article

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