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It’s been a strange week, everyone on TV is either sad mad or happy… in some cases all three. First off we have the popes death… don’t care for his religion or his beliefs BUT he was a great ambassador for peace and the world will be a worse place without him.

Then we have the royal wedding… Can I be the only one who doesn’t give a toss? Surely not?

Going back to the pope thing for a second… I saw a quote on a newsgroup this week that kinda summed me up “I believe in God but not religion. This made sense to me… wonder how the religious section of my life would take that statement.. must ask him one day.

I watched Sin City last night. I truely bizzare comic to film adaptation. Having never read the comic books I can’t possibly comment on how well Robert Rodrigeuz has done in his claim to faithfully take the book to the screen but the ambience of the film (Monochrome with splashes of colour) worked like a charm. I loved the film and would probably have to watch it a couple more times before I actually got everything. Not sure what Linda really thought of it, but she didn’t fall asleep through it so I guess that must have been a good sign :o) .

That’s about it for me now,

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Here we go!!!!

Today it was announced with great suprise (sarcasm off) that the UK will have a General Election on May 5th. Why the sarcasm…. Well since Christmas at least they have been touting that date as apossible for the election and we have had almost 4 months of intense politiking leading up to the announcement today.

It’s going to be a tough month coming up, the news will be full of how many babies were kissed how many arses were licked and how many school dinners were served. I just hope that some one makes it interesting.. and i don’t mean that arrogant twat Kilroy-Silk. I didn’t like him on TV and I can’t stand the moron now he is a politician again. What we need is someone the people can trust. Someone who speaks what’s on his mind and tells the truth.

To this end I plan on Voting for Homer Simpson for Prime Minister.

You know it makes sense, Vote from your Gut

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It’s not a thing I plan on doing a lot, but for an experiment in my own analytical skills, I am going to select some news items and present them here. I may do this daily (unlikely) or I may do this weekely (getting warmer) I may never do this again (a possibility). But this is what I have found over the past couple of days.
Oh yeah, it’s nothing of earth shattering importance, just a few articles that took my eye.

Laptop for every child

This idea is pure genius. Just imagine the standard of education that could be achieved if the money saved from buying paper books was eliminated and all books needed for education could be included on 1 single dvd rom disk. Take that idea one step further and imagine that each class only needs ONE disk.
Granted I am looking at this from a UK standpoint. But can you imagine the education your children could recieve with this technology. No longer would there be out of date books giving yesterdays information.
Imagine being able to use multimedia technology to show children how DNA works, How the Human Body works. Imagine being able to scan through Hamlet and find a quote in seconds and be able to understand it minutes later.Think of the trees saved by not chopping them down to make books for classrooms.

As the article points out there are downsides.. Kids break stuff and computers are fragile things, but surely this can be overcome by the kids learning how to fix the computers. Vocational education at it’s best.

The sooner this happens the better it will be for our kids and their education.


Bloke Gives up broadband

Now this fella needs help. He has no self restraint at all and then he blames broadband for not getting any work done.
PLEASE you muppet. Broadband has an off switch just like your old dial up did. Just because your not paying by the minute doesn’t mean you have to leave it on 24-7.

People who slam tecnological advancements because they don’t know how to use them properly should not use a microwave let alone a PC. Faster connections means faster communication. Evolution has too happen. If we hadn’t evolved in connection speed we would all still be using 14.4k connections and you would never be able to see what is happening around the world and the Internet and it’s associated applications and uses would have died before it was born.

We cannot go back. Forward is the way. If it’s not your cup of tea then quietly go about your business and take what you need and leave the rest to those of us who want the Phat Pipes to play games and listen to the BBC online at the same time.

Without my broadband connection I would never have been able to see my grandchildren wave to me Christmas morning or see my nephew play the drum kit I bought him for Christmas.

Moving on from the issue of downgrading a broadband connection, there should be more discussion of regrading what’s presently available. More and more companies are offering faster and faster download speeds yet the upload capacity has stayed the same for day dot. It’s only just with the recent announcement of an 8meg download that the upload speeds have been increased. Why is this?
More and more ISP’s are starting to cap download bandwidth because an unlimited usage is “an Unviable business plan.” When are regular shmoes going to get the increase that our european and canadian geek brethren have?
I don’t have the answers but I am going to try and find out.


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An Update on my last post…

It seems that I under estimated the amount of tax dollars going to fix up the family estate.. sorry I mean the state of Florida. According to Jeb Bush it’s going to cost $15 BILLION dollars to fix the damage….
“….”This is a serious, serious storm,” said Florida Governor Jeb Bush, estimating the cost of repairs at more than $15bn.
President George W Bush has declared the region a federal disaster area, which means federal funds can be spent on the clean-up. ”

That seems like an average figure to fix the damage caused by a natural disaster… but put that into context with what it cost to go to war with Iraq this past year.

According to it’s cost almost $150Billion to pay for the war in Iraq.

It costs a tenth of the amount to fix ONE state after a storm than it costs to wage war on a sovereign nation for a year.

You can bet your ass that the rebuilding process will be handled by family contacts and this process won’t be put out for tender either.

I tell you there is something wrong here?

Once I work out what it is I will report back.

Oh Well…

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New York Daily News – Float postponing elex if U.S. attacked

(The article that was here has been taken down by the original authors.. apologies)

I have always been cautious at the thought of pre-empting a situation. After seeing 9-11, and the views on fear breading compliance, you have to wonder what Ridge and the boy’s are thinking.

If Micheal Moore is to be believed (and I personally don’t see why he shouldn’t) 9-11 has dented, if not shattered any hope Dubya and the Oily boys have of re-election come November.

It didn’t take firm solid proof of WMD to invade a soveriegn nation and initiate orders to totally decimate a country, so why should they stop at having no hard proof of delaying the election because they believe an issue of national security has arisen.

Now before anyone jumps up and down and start claiming that I am insinuating that the US govenment would set something up to cause a national security issue, I’m NOT. All I am saying is that with 4 and a half months to go until the elections take place this could set the warning signals for things to come. I will lay money on Fox News start amping up the prospects of an attack sometime round Thanksgiving.

I prey that I am wrong and that Dubya and the Oily boys accept they’re fate and let the American people speak they’re mind.

Oh Well…

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