Playing with photos

I have been having a few health issues these past few days and it’s been pretty much impossible to do anything but sit in one position and not move anything for as long as possible. Today I was up at 6am and decided that I was going to learn something new today. Here is what I learned to do:

Click to make bigger

You will need to click on the second image to make it bigger to get the real effect. (see I can be arty too)

Until Next Time…

Down with the Dingleberry’s

No I don’t know who the Dingleberry’s are either, but that phrase came into my head as a started to write and thats’ the title of today’s post.

There isn’t a great deal going on at the moment. I am having some major mental issues this week and have decided to take a few days off work to try and resolve them. I am doing everything I can think of to try and break this mega funk I am in. So far no luck, hopefully writing will help.

I have been surfing the web a lot trying to find fun things that will distract my mind for a minute or two. Normally I don’t do the self affirming thing, but today I read something that really made me read and take note of life. It’s a great read and quite possibly should be emailed around the world a couple of hundred times.

I tried playing around with Paint Shop Pro this week too. I used to be quite good at it at one time. I went hunting for tutorials to try and learn something new or maybe find easier ways to do things I already knew how to do. Here is the result:

Jess Before

Jess After

Ok that’s all I can think of to write for now. Enjoy your weekend if you don’t hear from me before hand.

Until Next Time…

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