Don’t See The Spoon – Eat The Spoon

I must have taken 50 shot’s of Gibson yesterday. With each burst of the camera he got more and more used to posing. When I showed him his face on the phone, his eyes got big, it was like he was thinking.. “OMG He stole my face”

This was taken with Camera+ but it was edited today using a new app to me (although not a new app at all… apparently they have been around a while). I used Lo-Mob. I am always a little wary of “new” apps and like to have a good old play around before I post anything up, but this shot was quite easy to put together and whilst they don’t support High Resolution shots, I quite liked the end result.

(Click for larger image)

That’s about it. I would have my say on the whole Instagram/Facebook deal, but I don’t really want my blood pressure that high this close to bed time.

Easter Joy

We had family around today. I really enjoy these times we get to spend together. Usually it’s a flying visit on the school run or something similar but on special occasions we like to get together and spend more time together.

This is my youngest Nephew Gibson (his Dad is a Guitar player).

(Click for larger image)

No technical gumph from me today, just the joy of having a good family.

Pick Up

I love the fact that Hipstamatic can make things seem a lot warmer and make places seem a much nicer place to be.

Take for example this picture:

(Jimmy Lens, Dylan Film and Cherry Shine Flash)

This was taken earlier this afternoon whilst waiting for a cab. It felt like it was the middle of January at the North Pole. Real Brass Monkeys weather. I couldn’t feel my fingertips at the time. But going by this picture you would think that it was a glorious Summers afternoon complete with Sunshine and Butterflies.

In reality it felt like this version:

(John S Lens, Ina’s 1935 Film, No Flash)

Amazing the contrast between two pictures taken a minute apart.. totally different stories being told.

Snapseed Desktop Test

Nik Sofware announced yesterday that they had made their Windows Desktop app available on a 15 day trial. Having been curious about the desktop version but a little wary after trying Camerabag out, I jumped at the chance to test drive the app before I slapped down my cash for the app. Needless to say I am impressed and I will most definitely be buying the programme.

Here is a shot I took in Canterbury a couple of months ago that I thought was a bust due to crappy lighting.

I had tried ACDSee Flash but it didn’t cut the mustard on this one for some reason. So I was most surprised to find Snapseed (with only 10 minutes playing produced this. I will admit I went a little heavy on some of the Detail settings that has led to some Posterizing but overall with some more practice I think I will be able to create some good stuff just like I feel I have with the iOs app.

I will do a fuller review once I get some new images to play with.. I have quite a bit to say about this app.

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