Burial and Austerity

I don’t do politics as a rule. I certainly don’t write about them on a blog, but today I read something that really made me think WTF is going on?

I read this article on the BBC website. The fact that the House has been recalled for a special session so that the members can give their tributes, recollections and all other complimentary speeches about such a divisive politician is to my mind absolutely not what Government should be spending money on right now. In the article it is stated that when Sir Edward Heath died an hour was put aside for the same reason. This session… 7 and a half hours.
Granted Baroness Thatcher is a different case, but really, 7 AND A HALF HOURS? Totally out of proportion in my mind.

Further on down the article it spins off to reveal details about the Funeral that will happen next Wednesday (17th April). I have purposely not been following to closely the heavy news coverage. My views on Baroness Thatcher are fairly extreme. I don’t recall the good times that many do. I wasn’t old enough to remember the supposed “Good Times”. I do remember the Falklands conflict being on the news every night. I vaguely remember watching the Lunchtime news at school I think? I may have been off school sick or for some other reason. I know I saw Sandy Gale reading the bloody news… distracted.. back to the point.

The funeral costs that are revealed in the above linked article state that Baroness Thatcher’s family will cover the costs of Transport Flowers and Cremation, and the government will cover the rest. Which in real speak means the Tax Payer will foot the bill. Now I could be missing something, but isn’t this the same Government that are cutting money from Disabled people who are being found fit for work yet drop dead weeks later? Is this the same Government who are imposing the Bedroom Tax on the most needy? Is this the same Government who are trying to get a 32% pay rise whilst freezing the pay of other Public Sector workers?

Where is the we are all in it together proponents now?

The Government will be providing the funding for security for the occasion including THREE regiments of soldiers to line the funeral procession not to mention the secret services that will be provided to protect the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh who have stated that they are attending (something that hasn’t been done since 1965 when Sir Winston Churchill died).

This is wrong. The press this morning stated that the cost for this funeral could cost as much as £10 Million. It may sound like a small price to pay to honour a prolific former leader, but really, is it really OUR job to pay for this?

OK that’s my ranty explosion over. Back to the humdrum.

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Manifesto for 2012

This year was one of change in the broadest sense of the word. Everything gradually changed, slowly for the most part, but change was inevitable.

This past year saw us settle into a new town and get ourselves established. It hasn’t been easy, health scares have punctuated the whole family. Going into 2012 we are all looking to get through it in one piece.

In 2012 I would ideally like to have a more definite direction about where my life is heading. 40 is creeping up on me quicker and quicker and through my battle with Mental Health problems I have lost my focus and purpose. I tentatively explored a possible plan to help people with MH problems in the local area with basic computer skills. I hope to try and make more of this in the coming year. I have skills that I can use to help people, I just need the opportunity and place to follow through.

I have come to the realisation that I may never be a high flying business man or a high profile anything but I do think I can make a difference to someone.

I need to become more involved with the world around me. There is too much happening in this country at the
moment to just sit back and think that it’ll work itself out I’m the long run… It won’t… People need to stand up an be counted, to make their mark before it’s all too late.

I have started to look into where I can start with this new found enthusiasm, and it’s going to be an interesting ride. I know that what ever I decide to persue there will be people who don’t agree with me and will try and put me down… I will fight back, I will make the most of the infinitesimal exposure I have across my online and real world lives.

So that’s it. Time to stand up and give my all to a cause that means something. This may seem all a little vague and full of rhetoric, now is the hour.

Until Next Time…

My Pubic Hair is Going Grey…..

Yesterday at work, it was a long one, the young lady sat behind me made a noise like an Ewok. I made comment that she had made said noise and was met with a blank stare in as much to say
“What language do you speak?”
I tried to explain what an Ewok was and where they come from and was only met with more blank looks from the other young ladies on the desk behind. They too had no idea what an Ewok was.
It was at that point when my head started to spin as i asked them how old they were and what year they were born. They were all 18 or 19 and none of them born before 1988. It was at that very moment I realised how old i really was and that in no short time I would be checking for grey pubic hairs and wondering why a nice cup of tea sounds like a much preferable idea to a night on the beer with the lads…. (Any of you know me then you know that a night out with the lads is a non-existent thing with me anyway … but you get the idea)
I am 33, 34 in exactly one months time and I think I am going to be needing a share options in Just For Men soon.

( By the way this is an Ewok in case any KIDS out there are wondering what this old fart is on about)

An Ewok

Until Next Time…

Advice for Britney

If you read gossip websites and the gossip magazines, you won’t have missed the scandal that is Britney Spears. Now, I was no big fan of her music but let’s face it I am a bloke a schoolgirl outfit is going to ring a few bells. But now that she has gone from the predestined “goodgirl” image that was so carefully manipulated in the press and the media, now people are suprised that the whole shebang is crumbling down around her.

It is repeorted that Britney has Bipolar Affective Disorder. This alone should cause her family concern, add that to her erratic behaviour and you have a clear message that things are not well.
If I get ill and have some crazy ass symptoms I can try and hide them from my family (it rarely works but I try) there is no way that Britney can hide her symptoms as she always has a camera in her face.

It has also been reported that Britney has coverted the attention from the press by tipping off paparazzi as to her movements. This is a classic sign of a manic episode. The need to feel the centre of everyting and the feeling that all you do is worthy of everything. I am suprised someone hasn’t tried to have her sectioned before now, there were so many signs reported:

Self Medication – Drugs and Alcohol
Dangerous Sexual Behaviour
The Lack of Body Image
Obsessive behaviour

Some could say that the issues with her children could also stem from effects of her Bipolar. All in all where her kids are concerned, they are in the best place at the moment, BUT, that doesn’t mean they will always be in the right place away from thier mother.

If I was in a position to advise Britney and her family, then all I would say is find a Psychiatrist and get yourself on a good and balanced medication plan. Your gonna feel like shit for a while until your body gets used to the drugs. But trust me you’ll thanks yourself and the ones who helped you along the way to wellness when your there. It’s not easy, but no one said it would be.

:- Obligatory Run Down from the BBC -:

Mind you I could be wrong about this and she is just plain ol batshit crazy.

Is Boredom A Sin?

So here I am off work for the best part of two weeks due to the old Bi Polar thing playing up and I am actually bored. It’s not right you know. For weeks I have been wishing for time off so I can catch up on some stuff I wanted to do around the old house of Spnak and now I have had the time I have got didley squat done.

So my plan is to just give up work and sit around and procrastinate for a living. I shall of course take occassionall breaks in slacking to actually do something of use to my other spnakers. I shall on the rare times get out of my vibrating chair that is like a (in my brothers words)  Vibrator you sit in (he has such a way with the old wordy type things.)

No really in all seriousness I will not be slacking for much longer as the call of work beckons next Monday where I shall endevour to keep my job until at least my birthday arrives. This my dear readers could be a slight mamouth of tasks seeing as I Get the distinct impression that the old firm are trying to get rid of me. The Farewell cards on my desk over Christmas instead of Christmas cards that would normally festoon ones desk at the jolly old season were a noticeable give away. Not to mention the odd person walking up to my desk and proclaiming

“Oh it’s good to see you back… we were told that you were dead”
“UMMM no” I reply in mock shock ” I just give off that impression when working here and staring at the screen of death for 5 hours a day”
To which they would walk of wondering of I was actually dead or just being a sarcastic bastard….. Both of which could apply depending on my mood at any given moment in a working day.

If I didn’t work it would be so much easier… I could become acquainted again with the joys of daytime TV that one working stiff neglects or has no real interest in when working (even as a part timer who only works in the afternoon I still don’t watch much daytime TV.) Daytime TV really can be useful. Last time I was off for a long time I almost sold the house for 149.995 on Homes under the hammer and I almost moved to New Zealand on a whim when the Wonderful Nadia Swahala said that it was a glorious place to relocate to in your retirement.

I think I should start writing more often just to give my mind something to do other than catch up on Doctor Who shows that I was to young to remember the first time around.

Until Next Time…

The Sun

OK I have had enough if it.. Why can’t it just keep raining… The sun is doing my melon in. I hate sweating like i am a melting rocky road ice cream.

I can’t wait for October apart from my holiday to America it will start to cool down properly.

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