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This is a tough post to write but I think I have to write about this.

In Sundays Obvserver this week stating that economic migrants should not be automatically put to the top of the queue for social houseing, and that ordinary uk citizens should take priority.

Now as I said at the start of this post it’s a tough one to write. How do I sufficiently explain how I feel without coming across as some right wing nut job who has a long standing membership to the BNP. That couldn’t be further from the truth but I do feel strongly that people who are born and raised in this country should be first on the list for houseing.

I do believe that people who are in trouble and have no where else to go, political migrants, for instance. These people need our help straight away, but if your here to make money just because our standard of living is higher than your country then you need to pay your way and not expect the country to pay your way.
Rant over.

For more on this check out the original article

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Des’ree takes bad lyric top spot

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Des’ree takes bad lyric top spot

OK for the most part I kinda agree with this list. Snap’s song is dumb as fu*k and as much as I liked the Duran’s when i was a kid, Is There something I should know… well DUH.
What bugs me is the entry at number 10. War Pigs by Black Sabbath. Generals Gathered in their Masses/ Like Witches at Black Masses. Pure class on a stick mate. As a spotty 15 year old that line ran through my head and reverberated through my writing. I used to think to myself
“If only i could write one line that people could scream out and be instantly remembered, I could die a Happy death there and then”

It’s not a dumb line that could be classed as such in the parameters set out by Marc Riley it’s obviously be misrepresented. It is after all from one of the greatest Heavy Metal Bands of all time. Next thing you know they will be ripping seven shades out of Spinal Tap’s classic Big Bottom… The bigger the cushion/The sweeter the pushin’/That’s what I am saying…yeah.
I mean that is just a genius streak of lyrical word play that deserves an Ivor Novello award.

OK sarcasm aside, I am shocked that War Pigs is on the list when there are so many other worthy candidates out there.

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It’s a matter of taste.. or the lack of it

As I return from the blog wilderness and venture to write again on these not so hallowed pages I realise that I have pretty much no taste whatsoever. I have no dress sense. If I could find Iron Maiden shirts in my size I would chop the sleeves off and wear them with pride. If my wife wouldn’t kick my arse I would scuff up the knees on my best jeans and tie dye them with bleach and wear them out in public. I listened to Bon Jovi when Nirvana was all the rage.

This all stems from the movie I watched this morning. BloodRayne. A film so panned by critics and views alike the director should have been used for dart practice on a blind darts team’ night out.
If you had read the reviews this film got on alt.horror you would have thought that this film was as bad as film could get. Uwe Boll should have been strung up by his ankles and had his blood drained (did you see what I did there Blood drained … BloodRayne.. ohhh never mind) for what he did to that film, according to some more “well versed” viewers. Well I think they are all wrong. I enjoyed the living snot out of this film. OK I will admit that it wasn’t the most suave film in the world and the script was clunky in places, but for heavens sake it’s a film about a half breed vampire who absorbs the power of an age old eye into her own eye just by dangling upside down and looking into it.

Lets put it this way. The film passed 99 minutes of a rather dull and wet Monday morning. The bloody bits made my eyes open a little wider and the jumpy bits made me jump. All in all job done.

I really don’t get why people feel the need to run down something that they could never do in a million years.

Keep your eyes open to everything, you never know what you might find…. maybe Uwe Boll strung up by his testicles for yet another game tie in movie.

Until Next Time…

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Rock singer Doherty in new arrest


Surely he is going down THIS time

This guy gets out of court with a slapped wrist and a few hours later he is busted with enough stuff on him to be classed as a dealer.. PLEASE tell me this monkey is going down for a long stretch… Something tells me though that he’ll get six months out in three and back snorting Columbia’s finest within a week.

What a role model for our kids eh..

Rock singer Doherty in new arrest

I’m Not Sick But if I was it would be free

I had yesterday off work to take Linda to hospital. She didn’t really want to be there and I know I certainly didn’t but we were there. Linda had to have what she delicately described as a PROCEDURE. Which considering what she had done is probably the best way to describe it.

I spent my time in a wise manner whilst waiting for Linda’s procedure to be complete.. I sat around reading horror magazines and drinking coffee. What better way to spend a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon. It did make me realise that even though I complain sometimes about the state of this country but a comment made in my comments box about us paying the TV license fee actually struck me and has stayed with me. While the fee could be thought of as odd and a bit old fashioned in these days of multi channel TV but really when you think what else we get in this country that for example people in the States don’t get… Free Health Care. OK so it’s not totally free and it’s certainly not the most efficient health care system in the world but it is essentially free. EVERYONE is entitled by right to the same level of care as the next person. There is no concern if your HMO is right for the hospital and vice versa, we do not have to pay $60+ every time we see our front line health provider and we have a one standard rate for all medications, be it surgical stockings or Cancer medications. If your like me and have more medications than days of the week, then they let you pay a fixed price upfront for either 4 months or a year and ALL of your meds are cover regardless of how much you spend. OK our taxes may seem a little high when your on a lowish income, but really, what we get is the greatest health-care you could get. There are downsides. Waiting times are calculated in months and not weeks unless you are seriously ill and then immediate treatment will be available. Over the past couple of years I have needed the National Health Service in some really urgent ways, From the Bells Palsy Episode to the jaw infection to the dermatological episode that lasted over two years and now with the Bi Polar i have bi weekly home visits and tri monthly consultant appointments but more importantly I have 24/7 access to a skilled and great team who will be there if I need them when i need them. Plans have been drawn up as to what will happen to me if I take a nose dive of sanity boulevard. This is all free and comes from my National Insurance contributions that are deducted each month from my wages. Considering that my NI contributions over the past few years haven’t gone over £500 (three years total) and I have been hospitalized twice in that time seen several consultants regarding several ailments and I see my GP on average 2 times a month I don’t think I am doing to bad here. Especially when I take Linda’s ex husbands recent hospital bills that came in at a staggering $250,000 and change. Granted his insurance paid most of that but he was still in debt and probably will be for the rest of his life to the tune of $80,000. I am pretty sure he didn’t ask for what happened to him to happen and I am damn sure he didn’t ask to run up those kinds of bills which will invariably affect any future health plan payments he will need. On a bipolar forum I frequent the question was posed What happens if an American BP sufferer needs medical help urgently and doesn’t have money to pay for it. The simple answer to the question was that they begged for it at call in clinics and then it was very hit and miss varying from State to State. I feel that in this day and age when one of the most civilized countries in the world ney THE superpower in the world treats it’s citizens this way it’s a crying shame. I don’t have the answers to solve the problem. but maybe the American Government needs to address some issues before the poor revolt and take up arms against the man. I know if I was an American citizen, I would be looking for alternatives and possible solution about now.

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Damn Technology

For one reason or another I have chosen to do overtime at work and again this office is hot. I have a fan blowing and I feel like putting my shorts on and having a sauna in the middle of the office. Only my paranoia stops me at this point.

Linda and I decided that we would watch a DVD last night (after all the usual soaps were over with of course). We are both BIG Adam Sandler fans, for me it was watching the re-runs of Saturday Night Live while I was in the States. For Linda it was probably something similar but I am damn sure me walking around screaming YOU CAN DO IT NEEEEEECKYYYYYYYY and playing the Hanuka song over and over again might have had something to do with it . Anywho I digress. We decided on Adam Sander’s Mr. Deeds. We had both seen it before but seeing as we have pretty much everything Sandler on our Screen-Select list at the moment and that disk happened to drop through the door Saturday morning. We had eaten with Mum earlier in the evening and were now just ready to end the day of with a good laugh.

That’s what we were getting up until 25 minutes into the film when the DVD began to stick and freeze on certain frames.
We took the disk out and cleaned it as described with a clean cloth (read that as Linda’s night shirted covered boob 🙂 )
Put the film back in and it started playing again… Linda’s wonder boob does it again. After another twenty minutes the magic had worn off and it froze again, this time the wonder butt was used and the disk placed back into a different player and lo and behold the wonder butt did the trick… until about 20 minutes later when the whole kit and caboodle just stopped and wouldn’t even let me stop the film. All I could do was eject the disk and try again and again. In the end I had tried 3 different stand alone players and the drive on my PC (which tried to install a DVD viewing programme.. not happy about this.. but what can you do)

We gave up on the film and I sulked because from memory the ending of the film is the funniest part (apart from the foot beating part). Maybe one day I’ll have my dream of owning all the Adam Sandler films.. oh what a lofty dream that is…LOL


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