Money.. it’s a crime

Just a quick post for now.

Front page of the daily mail today exclaims that Ellen Mcarther can stand to make £5 million pounds in the next year. Now that’s all very well and good but why does this have to be splashed over the front page. Surely there is more to her achievement that making money in advertising and personal apperances over the next year.

A more fitting front page would be the fact that on completing her round the world trek in record time that the Prime Minister and The Queen agreed that she should be made a Dame. Surely that is news not the fact that she can make shed loads of mullah.

If you remember back after that kick from Johnny Wilkinson last year in the Rugby World Cup. Wilko was going to go global and make more money than David Beckham. If I remember rightly he made a couple of Addidas ad’s and was never seen again in the mainstream media. Ok he hasn’t played more than a handfull of games since the world cup but still this man won us a major world prize and he should have been plastered over everything from Football boots to Cornflakes from Dishwashers to Duracell Batteries.

Why do we as a country focus on the money first and the accolade second? It’s just not right somehow.

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It’s not a thing I plan on doing a lot, but for an experiment in my own analytical skills, I am going to select some news items and present them here. I may do this daily (unlikely) or I may do this weekely (getting warmer) I may never do this again (a possibility). But this is what I have found over the past couple of days.
Oh yeah, it’s nothing of earth shattering importance, just a few articles that took my eye.

Laptop for every child

This idea is pure genius. Just imagine the standard of education that could be achieved if the money saved from buying paper books was eliminated and all books needed for education could be included on 1 single dvd rom disk. Take that idea one step further and imagine that each class only needs ONE disk.
Granted I am looking at this from a UK standpoint. But can you imagine the education your children could recieve with this technology. No longer would there be out of date books giving yesterdays information.
Imagine being able to use multimedia technology to show children how DNA works, How the Human Body works. Imagine being able to scan through Hamlet and find a quote in seconds and be able to understand it minutes later.Think of the trees saved by not chopping them down to make books for classrooms.

As the article points out there are downsides.. Kids break stuff and computers are fragile things, but surely this can be overcome by the kids learning how to fix the computers. Vocational education at it’s best.

The sooner this happens the better it will be for our kids and their education.


Bloke Gives up broadband

Now this fella needs help. He has no self restraint at all and then he blames broadband for not getting any work done.
PLEASE you muppet. Broadband has an off switch just like your old dial up did. Just because your not paying by the minute doesn’t mean you have to leave it on 24-7.

People who slam tecnological advancements because they don’t know how to use them properly should not use a microwave let alone a PC. Faster connections means faster communication. Evolution has too happen. If we hadn’t evolved in connection speed we would all still be using 14.4k connections and you would never be able to see what is happening around the world and the Internet and it’s associated applications and uses would have died before it was born.

We cannot go back. Forward is the way. If it’s not your cup of tea then quietly go about your business and take what you need and leave the rest to those of us who want the Phat Pipes to play games and listen to the BBC online at the same time.

Without my broadband connection I would never have been able to see my grandchildren wave to me Christmas morning or see my nephew play the drum kit I bought him for Christmas.

Moving on from the issue of downgrading a broadband connection, there should be more discussion of regrading what’s presently available. More and more companies are offering faster and faster download speeds yet the upload capacity has stayed the same for day dot. It’s only just with the recent announcement of an 8meg download that the upload speeds have been increased. Why is this?
More and more ISP’s are starting to cap download bandwidth because an unlimited usage is “an Unviable business plan.” When are regular shmoes going to get the increase that our european and canadian geek brethren have?
I don’t have the answers but I am going to try and find out.


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Supposed to be working… who me.. now?

For the second Saturday in a row I am working 8am-12noon. Not a massive shift but it’s a slow shift. Last week I ended up playing the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy game on the BBC website.. this week I blog..muhahahaha.

It’s not that I am bored, but rather trying to avoid boredom. If I set out to do something on these quieter shifts i feel like I have accomplished something.
My life has to be about goals at the moment. I need things to work towards to help me get from day to day and to fight of the next impending depression.

I wish I was a good Manic Depressive that can sense when his attacks are coming, but I can’t… not yet at least. My next session with the shrinks is going to involve working out a trigger list (there was an official name for it but i don’t remember this early in the morning). Jayne (my lovely mental health support worker)has been a real help in getting me this far and making time for me when my life wasn’t working the way I wanted it. Some people say bad things about the NHS but I have nothing but praise for everyone I have had dealings with.

If anyone actually reads this then you may notice a slight change in style of my writing.. I am trying out a new plain talk no bullshit approach. There may be the odd fluffy expressive moment when I can drag my creativity out of retirement (not of choice)

Basically it’s time to get vocal and basic again. Watch This Space I will be back.

Until Next Time…

Happy New Year

It’s weird but I keep reading that a blog should be informative… here have some information

So what’s happened since I last spoke to you… I found out that my drugs DON’T mix well with booze… ohh boy did I find out the hard way.
All of my favorite Bt Torrent sites got closed down.

I hate this new layout.. looking for a new one ASAP.

Booked my holiday to America. Going back to see the kids and have a chill for a week.. I am actually looking forward to the plane flight.. gives me a chance to listen to music and read for 8 hours and not get bugged by any phones ringing. The only thing that could make it a little better would be being able to write all the way there. Can’t have everything I suppose.

Are we having fun yet?

I had an idea for a killer website.. grumpygits.com… a place for grumpy men to come and rant.. and what do I find this morning http://www.grumpieroldmen.co.uk/index.php. in a word.. BOLLOX.
but hey I can’t have everything I suppose, Just once would be nice, Just fuckin ONCE.

Ok that’s me done for now.

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It’s a grey Sunday

I remember being a kid, looking out of the netted windows and wondering when the sun was gonna shine again. Sundays always seemed grey. Now I relish the thought of a quiet Sunday at home not having any pressure to go anywhere, no burning desire to do anything except what crosses my mind at that second.

I guess I am getting older and the need to do everything now has passed and I am content to just be.

Oh Well

Until Next Time…

We are at War.

No folks this isn’t late breaking news or a blog post 18 months late. It’s a
realisation i came to when reading this story on the bbc website

Basically it states that we (the British) are being asked by the American
govenmet to infill in the north of Iraq so the Americans can go finish the
job in Jalapeno or Falujahh… wherever it is that there is a problem.
Sounds like a coalition type thing to do.

Like it or not we went to war against the regime in Iraq, I am not overly
pleased by it in hindsight but we did the deed and now we have to finish the job off. When the pansy’s who are just wannabe’s realise that a job needs to be done the better.

Oh well

Until Next Time…

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