Dubya and the OilyBoys


I saw THE movie over the weekend. Yes I downloaded it. Mike said it was ok..LOL. Kidding aside, join me in going to see this picture where ever possible.

I swear to the lives of my grandbabies, this movie opened my eyes and stapled them back to keep them open.

Saturday night we decided was movie night. So we watched some tosh from DVD.. don’t even remember what it was. We had decided before hand that it was the tosh first and then F 9-11. I threw it in the dvd player and sat back waiting to find out what was happening or fall asleep. The way I felt Saturday, the later was a definate possibility. Linda passed out about 10 minutes in. Me I was hooked straight away. It was like MM had a massive sign on the screen all the way through saying TRUTH.

Back from 9/11 2001 I was thrown into some sort of social depression. That affected me in a weird way. I had been through 20 odd years of IRA inspired terrorism and it didn’t effect me 1% as much as the 6 hours of uncertain terror that reigned sown on the USA on that day. For some reason, I always knew that when in the UK during the troubles I was semi safe. I lived in a pissy town that had ABSOLUTLY no significance to anyone. But with 9/11, no one seemed safe. OK They picked a prolific site for their attacks but this was out of the blue, we had NO warning whatsoever. At least with the IRA we knew they were pissed off. They made that clear.. not to mention they gave phone warnings before they did anything.

From that day to this past Saturday, I was in a state of emotional flux about how the world should handle this whole situation. One minute I was screaming sending the special services in and sort the fuckers out, the next I was saying leave it and lets move on.

I became mentally sick after a while, and when the Iraqi war started I fell apart. I sat there watching TV for hours waiting for the bombing to start. I became a Fox/BBC news zombie. No one had the balls to turn over. I had to see the destruction. I had watched the news conferences and the UN meetings and I was convinced that we were doing the right thing. I knew Saddam had WMD’s hidden all over Iraq. He needed to be OUT.

Now it seems that Dubya, Rummsy and Powelly boy had it all wrong, they LIED to us. The told us that THEIR intel was beyond repraoch. They told the worlds leaders that they were right, join us or be against us… and you won’t wanna be against us. France and Germany took a stand and don’t get me wrong, I dislike the french foreign policy (see that was a funny there) but they seemed to, in a cowardly way get it right. I don’t buy they’re reasons for not going to war, but the fact that they stood they’re ground and didn’t go.

Bush and the Oil Boys, pushed and cajoled Tony Blair into joining the dark side, made him think that he was joining up for ethical reasons and not the texas reason. Blair is not innocent, but he sure aint to blame, he aint the first and he sure won’t be the last leader to be sucked into something by another country and be misled.

It should be said right here that I am NOT anti American, just anti Bush. He is an evil man that if we judged him the same way he judged the world, everyone would be at war with him. What would have happened if he hadn’t been given the presidency. Would Al Gore have done the same thing? Would we now be in the state where Michael Moore has to make F 9-11? Will Kerry and Edwards do anything to seriously rectify this problem.. maybe have Dubya and the OilBoys arrested on charges of Gross Misconduct and maybe even Treason? Maybe they will have to hunt Dubya down to a cow pat out in the texas wilderness to bring him too account.

Oh well I am off to work.

I may rant more later.

Peace Love and Light

Oh Well…

Until Next Time…

So I Had This Plan

I knew it was doomed as soon as the thought entered my head. I wasn’t getting out of bed till I woke up. Now as bizzare as that sounds, the past few days I have been waking up whilst still OBVIOUSLY asleep, as it’s been a total blur. I don’t remember a damn thing aside from speaking to Linda a couple of times and the odd movie watched.

So I decided last night that the pills were kicking my ass so much that today I would sleep until I decided that it was the right time to get up. To make a point I went to bed BEFORE midnight and passed out pretty much straight away. Slept straight through to 5.30am… damn what a way to go.. plan on sleeping till noon and don’t make it to 6am. GO ME!!!!! (more…)

WTF – This world amazes me sometimes

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Colombian baby ‘stolen from womb’

What kind of fucking country would let this go on and only ARREST the woman. I would have hunted her down like the vermin she is and made sure she was sterilised so she could never have kids. Not to mention the fact of tattooing her with word like BABY THIEF PAEDOPHILE and everything else under the son.

With a fucking Kitchen knife.

Until Next Time…

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