Digital Art – Forum Signatures

When I first started online I used a chat programme called Virtual Places. This wasn’t like MSN or Yahoo or Skype. This was a programme that facilitated Chat Rooms. Any webpage could be a chat room. You used the Virtual Places software like a browser and then you could invite people to your”room” and use it as a chat room. It was great if you had a webpage with Music on.. all of your friends could listen to the same music at the same time, Part of VP was Avatars. These were, as they are now, little images that give you a face on the internet. In VP there used to be AV painters. Painters used to design and create custom Avatars for users. I got hooked and with a little help taught myself how to Paint. I used PaintShop Pro at that time it was a simple enough programme to use and it gave great results.

After we came back from America, VP closed it’s doors and all the painters went their different ways. No doubt some are graphic designers now. The casual painters (like me) kept our hands in by running email paint contests. We used a larger format and challenged each other to see who could produce the best Forum Signatures.

I didn’t take part all that much, I had a real life to take care of. I did however carry on playing with PaintShop Pro and later Photoshop. Over the years I learned different style and techniques. Below are some of the efforts that I had uploaded to a Gallery that I hosted for way to long.

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