Random Images – iPhone Art

When I got my iPhone I didn’t really realise what I had for about 6 months. I installed the apps I thought you were supposed to.. you know a radio player, Facebook, a Twitter Client and something to tell you there weather in a little more detail. Then one day I was reading my daily blogs and got to dooce.com and on there she had a rather funky picture she had taken with an iPhone app called Hipstamatic. It blew me away that she got the style of image that I had spent years trying to create in photo editing software. I gave up reading blogs for the day and fired up iTunes and downloaded the Hipstamatic app straight away and began playing with it. I bought all of the add on film/flash/case packages that were available and to this day I keep a beady eye out for new ones or better yet free ones that get released as special editions.

Anyway, rather than me blabber on about the merits of this wonderful app, let me show you a few of the images I have gotten from it since I moved to Kent. Apologies for the amount of Daffodil pictures.. I was enamoured by a plant that wasn’t a weed growing in my garden.

Until Next Time…

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