My Other Links

I have a couple of other websites that are updated occasionally or may have been stored online as a reference for myself and anyone else who may be interested in certain aspects of my life and things that I have been interested in. These are blogs that I have at one time or another spent many long hours working on, and, as such, mean a massive amount to me.

Feel free to browse through my life and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.

It’s Just a Ride

This is my “journey” through Mental Health problems. I carried this blog on for several years as a way to express the way I felt and how I handled the trials that my mind through at me. It isn’t updated any longer, but is kept online as a testament to the fact you can survive Mental Health problems and come out of the other side with some semblance of a sense of humour.

The Balding Geek

The Balding Geek is me! I am going Bald and I am a Geek. This is the site that I use to post reviews and think pieces on the geek stuff I am interested in. It can range from general Sci Fi and Fantasy to specific shows like Doctor Who and its spin off’s. I will also be posting about genre related podcasts and Radio shows as time permits.

Scribes of Metal

If everything else was taken away from me, Music is the one thing I would possibly miss the most (aside from the family.. natch). I devour Music like it is running out. I occasionally write reviews and other pieces for Scribes. I would love to do more of this, maybe in the future I will. but you can check out my reviews there.
A couple of my latest bits are:

Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky
Thunder – All You Can Eat DVD

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