400 Onwards


From the start, I am not posting this looking for praise or plaudits, it’s just another milestone that I didn’t realise that I had hit until two days after the fact. I am good like that.

The last post was the 400th post registered on this blog at this time. Pay close attention to the wording of that last sentence. It is NOT the 400th post on this blog, THAT would be praise worthy in my opinion, that might have made me somewhat of a successful blogger. This blog as it stands is more of a Frankenstein’s Monster than Mary Shelly could ever have created. I have lost count of the amount of blogs that have been combined to create this one, it is at least three that I can recall of the top of my head. (more…)


Dream-onFrom my early teens I had dreams that involved my falling from a great height. I explained about these dreams to a classmate one day and I was informed that if I ever hit the ground in my dream, I would die in real life. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had hit the ground in every single dream since I had started having them. (more…)

Witches & My Voice

Something akin to what I see in my head

Something akin to what I see in my head

I have been thinking a lot about witches recently, which is weird in itself as I know little about them except for the Pendle Witches and the obvious Salem stories from having the Crucible drummed into my head whilst at school (Screw Goody Proctor) – As it stands right now though I am heavily influenced by stuff by Rob Zombie (Lords of Salem) –   and Rosemary’s Baby (Mind you this is more Satanic than Witches).

The other big influence is The Wicker Man, but has been years since I saw that and all I can remember from that is floppy boobs and Edward Woodward at the end of the movie! (I almost gave away a spoiler there). (more…)

He Loved It

Gibby-BirthdayThis past weekend marked the fourth birthday of my youngest Nephew, Gibson. He turned 4 on Saturday and it doesn’t seem like a week since I was called in the middle of the night to sit with his Brother and Sister as my Sister-In-Law and Brother made their second trip to the hospital to “try” and bring Gibson into the world. For a child with so much energy these days he was slightly reluctant to make an appearance back then. Mind you, ever since he has made up for it and has made sure we know he is around. (more…)

The King

Music Appreciation

I think it is pretty obvious that music is important to me seeing as that every post on this blog usually devolves into something music related eventually. I have mentioned in the past that I have minimal musical prowess, not for the lack of try I might add. If you take a look at my Author Profile at the bottom of every post it pretty much states that I wanted to be Elvis from a young age, that may have seemed like a jokey throw away quip, but in truth… well let’s put it this way at any given chance I would swivel my hips for anyone who would watch and I perfected the snarling lip fairly early in life. The lack of a singing voice only held me back until modesty kicked in. (more…)

A Little Off The Top Please, Barber

Doesn’t it just drag your butt when you read something and it sticks with you for so long that you have to respond to it at some point in the vain hope that it will get it out of your system. Well, that is what has happened to me over the past couple of weeks ever since I read this most excellent post by Holley Perry over at ChasingDestino  – Reading that post urged me to comment and if you click this link  it will take you to the comment that I made. Well, that comment has stuck with me ever since and has now forced me to write this. (more…)

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