Hello… I love you… won’t you tell me your name…hello

Couldn’t think of an article title so I chose a random lyric from my playlist.
I haven’t posted half as much as I should have since Linda’s been gone. Not much too say I guess.
It’s now roughly 48 hours till she is back and man it feels like I am meeting her for the first time. We were joking on the phone the other night about missing each other and how we must be in love… that or we have just grown used to being in each others company for the past 4 years.. we chose the first option. (more…)

So I Had This Plan

I knew it was doomed as soon as the thought entered my head. I wasn’t getting out of bed till I woke up. Now as bizzare as that sounds, the past few days I have been waking up whilst still OBVIOUSLY asleep, as it’s been a total blur. I don’t remember a damn thing aside from speaking to Linda a couple of times and the odd movie watched.

So I decided last night that the pills were kicking my ass so much that today I would sleep until I decided that it was the right time to get up. To make a point I went to bed BEFORE midnight and passed out pretty much straight away. Slept straight through to 5.30am… damn what a way to go.. plan on sleeping till noon and don’t make it to 6am. GO ME!!!!! (more…)

Did you ever….

Did you ever get so bored you lost all interest in regular day to day things.

Well this past week I have been too bored to blog.. something I now class as a day to day thing. I enjoy writing here, it’s my catharsis against insanity. Well this past week Linda has been away and I have been home alone. Well not really home alone.. I have mum next door but I don’t like inposing on her time too much.. being thirty I should be able to amuse myself for a few days. I have sat here online for pretty much the whole time Linda has been away. The odd exception being when I have made an effort to move away and do something else like watching TV. but for the past 7 days I have been sat at my computer doing next too nothing.

I watched the Kill Bill saga.. that movie fuckin rules everything out there. I loved every second of it. It actually made me want to see more samurii films.

Other than that I have been wasting time doing nothing. Listening to the odd thing here and there.

But I have realised one thing… Something my analyst type dood will be pleased to hear.. I have started to relaise that I aint such a bad fella.. I am just fucking boring when I am on my own.. I sit around do nothing and then get miserable when I realise I have wasted all this time.

I have NEVER missed someone as much as I have missed Linda this week. (The exception being blood family). From the saturday afternoon I woke up from taking her to the airport, to this moment this house has never been so quiet. This in itself is weird, because I make most of the noise… I guess there is no one around to hear the noise so it doesn’t really make any sense to make the noise in the first place. It’s kinda like that old thing that says if a bear farts in the woods… does anyone hear it. I guess the answer is nope because the bear probably refrains from Farting because there is no one around to hear the said fart… oh fuck my old boots do I need to sleep.

Quick note to all Stephen King fans out there.. Check out the new adaptation of Salems Lot… whomever made that… they should have awards rained down on them in plentyfull supply.. It’s amazing… MUCH better than the original movie. I never did rate David Soul much….

Oh Well

Until Next Time…

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