Feeling a little lost.

So today is the day, be warned now this could get sappy in places. But don’t worry I’ll throw in some gratuatous fleshy images later on to redeem myself.

Today is the day that Linda flies out to the States. Off to visit with the kids and grandmonsters. she will be gone till the end of the month and I will be at home working my ass off. Now I know couples take seperate holidays at some time during they’re relationships, that or they are seperated for work reasons. I accept this is part of having a trans continental family. It will always be the case. Once we move back to the states my family will still be here and I am sure there will be times when I travel back on my own. But today I feel kinda empty at knowing I am going to be home alone (ish) for the next two weeks.

This will be the longest we have been apart in 4 years of being together.

I know that we will miss each other but I just hope that I am the last thought on Linda’s mind while she is over there. She has two years of catching up too do.

As for me I shall take pleasure in my solitude and watch numerous horror movies I have been saving for just such an occassion. I may even throw in some gratuatous porn at some point through the fortnight. One thing is for certain there will be a distinct increase in my already overfull music listening passtime.

Today’s list includes the Tommy Deluxe edition release and some dire straits and other random tunes from the MP3 Folder.

Oh well

Until Next Time…

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