A Pointless Post.

Day two of my week off and today is the first day that I have to go see a doctor of some kind. Today it’s the ENT specialist about the nerve twitches I have been getting in my face. Some would have you think that it’s not a big deal, but after 12 or so hours of a twitching face I was ready to rip the fucker off I tell ya. I doubt that there is anything seriously wrong. But I would really like to get this shit sorted. (more…)

Bored and Awake…Again!!!!

So it’s nearly three am again and I am more awake than ever. I think I have broken my body. The depression is getting too me on a daily basis now and the nerves in the right side of my face are going haywire.

I am sleeping at the weirdest times and throwing my body clock out of whack. I figure I’ll have to bite the bullet and just do 36 hours without sleep and try and break myself back into a normal sleep pattern. I figure with plenty of movies and coffee it shouldn’t be too hard. Combine that with random blog postings at varying stages of awareness and we’ll be flying. (more…)

No Picture on the page…

What a to do.

There’s no picture of a woman on the front page. To any women who think I may be a sexist twat for showing pictures of pretty women on my blog, I do have a very good reason for this… IT’S MY BLOG. I have been holding back on what I have said on this thing for fear of someone I know reading this. When I say someone I know I mean someone outside my family. They all know me and know what I am like… they accept me for who I am. For that I am eternally thankful. It’s a pain in the arse being stuck inside a mind that wants to be gentlemanly all the time. I act the way I act because usually that’s how I feel. If someone has pissed me off, I will usually shrug it off, but if you keep going at me, then beware the consequences. I won’t get nasty but I will get even and make your life difficult. That’s my beef and I am sticking too it.

This sounds like a ramble.. maybe because I am tired and too hot too sleep. (more…)

A Sign That Struck Me As Funny

Every time I pass this sign on the way to work I have to laugh. I mean pretty much EVERY church has some allegiance to some denomination, but this place.. well.. it just couldn’t make up it’s mind which denomination it wanted to be.

This is good but the church in Cincinnati that I once saw… The FIRST Church of God has to take the prize for the MOST presumptuous church name ever. I mean Cincinnati should be proud they have the FIRST ever church of GOD. Forget Jerusalem for get Bethlehem, Cincinnati has THE FIRST CHURCH OF GOD. While Linda is over there I will try and get her to get a picture of it.


Until Next Time….

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