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A-Z – A – Arthurian Legends

Letter A for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

It is often stated that good King Arthur was laid to rest on the Isle of Avalon to recover from his mortal wounds suffered at the hands of Mordred at Calmann. Word spread far and wide that he would lay in wait in peaceful slumber until his people needed him again to rise and lead them in battle.

There was just one small problem in this plan. Whilst Arthur was laid to rest on Avalon to recuperate he was subjected to some amazingly annoying neighbours.  You see, Avalon was also the homeland of Morgana and her 8 sisters. Avalon not being a very big place there wasn’t a great deal of male help around the place and if truth be told, old Arthur had over egged his injuries a little and it hadn’t taken quite as long to recover as Merlin had planned.

Arthur was now stuck on an Island with no escape with 9 women who constantly demanded Tea on a regular basis and had other demands that put quite a deal of pressure on his sole manly frame. There was many a night Arthur wished that he hadn’t thrown Excalibur into the drink and had a way to get of the lads from the Round Table for a game of cards and a jug of Mead. Anything to get away from the harpies from next door. If he heard Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble one more time he would take the stone that the bloody sword came out of and shove it…

Kingly Thoughts Arthur….

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Blogging From A-Z Challenge 2015 Announcement

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I think I finally may have lost what little vestiges of my mind I had left.

After yesterdays little meltdown I went and signed up to the above challenge. I have never done anything like it before, never even showed that much interest in Nanoblomoporokolosoraymefarloso….. So what on earth possessed me to think that next month would be a good month to dive in and post 26 posts in a month. To make matters worse, they urge you to “create” a theme to the month so your readers have some idea of what to expect from your posts over the coming month. (more…)

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