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The Man Who Wore Sanitary Pads

Like millions of kids, growing up my parents read newspapers 7 days a week. I know it was 7 days a week because they made me go and fetch them from the shop or bring them home after I finished my


paper round in the morning. They would also read the local paper that would be delivered in the afternoon, The Evening Post.  As I got a little older I started to read the Sunday papers (and not just the comics either). During the week, I would scan the back pages for Sports news whilst doing my Paper Round but I didn’t really have time for much else during the week. The only other periodical I would read during the week would be Kerrang the Heavy Metal Bible (back then, I haven’t read that in a while). (more…)

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US terror plot intelligence ‘old’

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US terror plot intelligence ‘old’

I told you this was gonna start happening. Do these people realise that we have all pretty much seen Wag The Dog.
Jesus H Christ on a stick at easter. Do the American public see what’s going on.

This time they caught the scam early, but as it gets closer to November people are going to be more preoccupied with other things (providing the election goes ahead) to realise they are being scammed.

Looks like Dubya and the Oiley Boys are starting they’re spinning tops early.

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