Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry – Folsom Prison Blues

A lot of the music I listen to is stuck well in the past. It is very rare that a new band gets into my playlist and stays there, but Black Stone Cherry did that and have remained a fixture ever since I heard there break out song (for me) Blame it on The Boom Boom. (more…)

Project 39 – Week 7

Well it finally looks like summer has finally arrived and I feel like I couldn’t wish for winter to arrive quicker. Even though I have been steadily losing weight for the past few years I still detest the oppressive heat that summer brings. The close muggy feeling that midday temperatures bring.

Oh well, can’t complain all the time.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to guest edit the wonderful This World In Mentalist weekly roundup of Mentalist Blogs. I chose a blog that mentioned about getting out in the Garden and getting the grass cut and the beneficial results of doing that. Well yesterday I did just that and lo… I felt better after. I felt a sense of something accomplished. OK my arms and wrists ached, but that’s a by-product of a possible reoccurrence of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, not a great deal I can do about that. The last place we lived had a deceptively large garden that was virtually impossible for us to keep under control. It would take an hour just to get the first corner done and then we’d all be too knackered to carry on so it would get left. This garden is so much better and manageable.  It took me around 45 minutes to get the majority of the garden cut, and if it hadn’t been for the aforementioned pain I would have done the edges with the strimmer and finessed the job off. Maybe another day when the evil that is the sun has buggered off.

George Osbourne… Gonna… Wanna… ARRRGGHHHH

Last week George Osbourne gave his Spending review speech to the House Of Commons and I sat and watched in credulous along with the rest of the country, but I was dragged from my induced madness by the man’s total lack of diction. I made this post in response to a friend’s post on Facebook:

Screen Capture from Facebook

My FB post about George Osbournes Diction during the Spending Review Speech

A while later, I was skimming my Twitter feed and I saw this video tweeted:

Stephen Fry is a bit of a hero of mine. He is an open champion of Mental Health issues and has been for some time, and he happened to become the most vocal at about the same time I needed the most help understanding where I stood with my own health.

The Irish gave the bagpipes to the Scots as a joke, but the Scots haven’t seen the joke yet. – Oliver Herford

You know, hate is a strong word that I am trying to eliminate from my vocabulary slowly.  There is one thing that as much as I try will never be eliminated from my hatred column though:


These horrid soul sucking beasts from the netherworld create the sound of a wildebeest standing on its own scrotum and not having the dumb sense to get off of itself. Having said that, there is one, just ONE exception to this rule: AC/DC.  The track “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna To Rock ‘n’ Roll)”. That is the only justification I had until this past week for Bagpipes, that until I saw this video:

Please note: He had the sense to keep it short. “Well done that man”.

Giddy as a 15 Year Old Kid Again

Back when I was a very VERY spotty 15 year old kid I remember eagerly coming home from school one September afternoon hoping and praying it would be there. That one thing I had been busting a gut string wishing would be mine. That was the Bon Jovi album New Jersey. That would be my first album, the first one that was all mine. When I got home from school my mum was stood by our stereo and as I opened the living room door I heard the opening sounds of “Lay Your Hands On Me“, and it was then I knew… “It was there… It was mine”. I didn’t listen to anything else for days after. I think I annoyed my family more in that week than I had bugging them about getting the album the day it came out in the weeks leading up to its release.

Yesterday Black Stone Cherry helped me relive that feeling for a while as they posted to their Facebook timeline a Fan captured video of a new track from their forthcoming new album that they played at Download last weekend. The track “Me and Mary Jane” is a certifiable BSC classic in the making. The video below isn’t the greatest, but it gave me enough goosebumps to be that 15 year old kid again.

(Video Removed Due to You Tube Take Down Inconsiderate People)

Finally, this past week we went to a local event run by the church my Brother and his family go to. I’ll be making a post about it next week as I have some stuff I want to say about the event, but as always It gave me a chance to take some photos, and I even managed to get some video using an iPhone app that gave some great results, more of that next week. This photo is one of my favourite subjects, and I think his favourite pastime is to pose for photos. This is my Nephew Gibson. I have tweaked the image in the iPhone app PhotoToaster.


My Nephew, Gibson

Until Next Time…

Three Tracks Of My Year

This year I have spent more time listening to music than is probably good for me. Most of it Live recordings of The Wall, I now have over 70 versions of that album. Each one different than the last. It will always be my favourite piece of music. It’s like 100 minutes of Opera that couldn’t be topped by any other media.

The Wall aside I have been pretty much staid in my music choices. Choosing to listen to things that make me feel good rather than introspective. My health hasn’t been great this past year as some will know. I have used music to get me through the endless nights of insomnia and the pure hard rock of John Bonham’s drum beats to block out the voices that harangued me day in day out.

I thought I would share my top 3 tracks from this year. I couldn’t get a decent feel from my Last FM readings as a lot of my listening has come from Untagged files and CD’s.

The one track that will guarantee me to bounce my ass off around the room is Black Stone Cherry’s Blame It On The Boom Boom

(this video has a tiny flash of nudity right near the end of the video.. It was recorded at Donington so it was, I assume, obligatory, for it to be in there)

The first line of the chorus to this song sounds off at 10pm every evening to tell me it’s time to take my evening medication. That time is now referred to as BOOM BOOM time. A bit of a misnomer seeing within an hour I am usually ready for bed.

The second track of this year for me is Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd. It is taken from The Wall and my original choice would and will always have been Comfortably Numb, but I have felt like this past year has been spent running from one thing to another and never really getting anywhere. So Run Like Hell it is.

(Warning.. This video contains flashing images and Lasers… and other cool stuff)

My final track of the year is Led Zeppelins Kashmir. This years stand out album is Celebration Day. This is the live recording of Led Zeppelins reunion at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute. I purposely didn’t choose a video from that show as I wanted to show the original band as they play it in a style only they can. Jason Bonham was outstanding in place of his father on the night and his contribution certainly helped me decide that that was my album of the year, but ya know.. THE ZEP.

This isn’t the greatest video quality wise, but it shows them at their best.

So that’s it. The three tracks that have contributed to my sanity over the past 12 months. What will next years tracks be.. who knows… Roger Waters is out on tour next Summer finishing off his Wall Tour with European Stadium shows. Sadly tickets are way out of my price range so unless I win the Lottery or my Rich Uncle gets out of the poor house in time for the summer I am out of luck.

Have a great New Year and I hope that it brings everything you want need and desire.

Until Next Time…

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