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Reflections of 2015 (Part 1)

I originally wrote this on New Years Day and it kind of got out of hand (more so than usual for me). What started as a run-down of the past year and a quick look to the upcoming one turned into a 2000 word essay. So I have split it up into two “more manageable” ones. Here is Part 1 about Last year. Part 2 will follow in a day or two. Happy New Year!


Goodbye 2015

Here it is Day One of the New Year and I am late posting my round-up of last year. Can’t say things don’t change eh? I had planned for this post to be done well before the New Year happened so that I could do a separate post about this upcoming year and a few goals I have in mind. More of that in a while though. (more…)

A Revelation of the Mind

how to blog book coverI have read so many “How to Blog” articles over the years and the number one rule of keeping readers coming back to your blog is:

Regular Content

Well, I suck at that, and I know that if I have any “regular readers” it is because they signed up to the email updates ages ago and forgot about me or for some unknown reason put me into their RSS readers and haven’t purged me from their lists yet. (more…)

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