Pot of Ideas


A few weeks back I posted that I had gone through a creative block of late and that I had found a really great list from someone I follow on Twitter @Suzie81blog. Well things still aren’t swinging and groovy in the creative lands of my mind for one reason or another, but hey, it’s swings and roundabouts at the moment. Creativity isn’t the only thing keeping me away from writing right now; health, wealth and perceived wisdom has a little to do with it too. (more…)

Writing Through The Tulips


The title of this post has pretty much nothing to do with what I intend this post to be about. That in itself is nothing new for me, but I have been sat around trying to start this post for 2 days and I have been stuck for a title and I just need to start this damn thing.

The questions I have at the moment is:

Do writers need to be well read to be good writers?
What do writers need to read to be considered well read?


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