Favourite Photo From 2012

I have been away from this blog for quite some time. I haven’t had the motivation that I had at the start of 2012 when the whole world of iPhoneography was opening up for me. I still followed iPhoneography news, played with new apps when they were released. I looked at some amazing art that came across my screen throughout the year and I honestly think that that was where my problem had it’s start. I was trying to match myself up to everyone else’s standards and I felt (and still do) that my efforts were not as good to stand next to other iPhoneographers work. I was intimidated by standards that I had set up for myself and somehow couldn’t break those barriers to move forward.

As I start into 2013 I realise that I have to be easier on myself and go with the flow and see where I can reach to. See how far my mind and my eye will allow me to extend myself.

With that being said, I have taken some photos this year that I am quite pleased with, but my favourite is this one:

Gibson Grin

My favourite shot of the year.

This was taken on Boxing Day, and it ignited a spark that I hadn’t really felt since way back earlier in the first half of the year. It felt quite good. It may not pass muster with some, it may have some issues in exposure, but it caught a moment in time when he was full of joy and smiling for all his worth.

I am not going to make promises that I will being posting daily or weekly, but I am determined that I am going to be out more looking for things that are inspiring to me that I think will push me one step further than the last time I took a shot.

Happy New Year to whomever may read this blog. Here’s to 2013.

Until Next Time…


(Click for larger image)

As you may have noticed, things have been pretty quiet around here the past week to ten days. I came down with what I class as possibly the worst cold/flu thing that I have had in a very long time. It completely knocked me for six and took me out of life in general.

This image was shot a while back and I just started playing with it in Snapseed. It was originally taken with Camera+ and I used the Clarify setting to clean up the image before taking it over to Snapseed.

That’s about it for this post. I doubt there will be regular updates for the next few days, I still need to catch up with everything that I usually do online. Hopefully by the start of next week I should be back in the saddle.

Thanks for being patient.





Don’t See The Spoon – Eat The Spoon

I must have taken 50 shot’s of Gibson yesterday. With each burst of the camera he got more and more used to posing. When I showed him his face on the phone, his eyes got big, it was like he was thinking.. “OMG He stole my face”

This was taken with Camera+ but it was edited today using a new app to me (although not a new app at all… apparently they have been around a while). I used Lo-Mob. I am always a little wary of “new” apps and like to have a good old play around before I post anything up, but this shot was quite easy to put together and whilst they don’t support High Resolution shots, I quite liked the end result.

(Click for larger image)

That’s about it. I would have my say on the whole Instagram/Facebook deal, but I don’t really want my blood pressure that high this close to bed time.

Easter Joy

We had family around today. I really enjoy these times we get to spend together. Usually it’s a flying visit on the school run or something similar but on special occasions we like to get together and spend more time together.

This is my youngest Nephew Gibson (his Dad is a Guitar player).

(Click for larger image)

No technical gumph from me today, just the joy of having a good family.

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