I Got Chil(is)

If you were to meet me in the street today, you would get a grown version of Billy Bunter, but I enjoy my food. I always have. I rarely turn food away and the times I do it is for a reason:

Hairy Pork Belly Strips
Asparagus (anything)
Anything with Chilli’s


A Sign That Struck Me As Funny

Every time I pass this sign on the way to work I have to laugh. I mean pretty much EVERY church has some allegiance to some denomination, but this place.. well.. it just couldn’t make up it’s mind which denomination it wanted to be.

This is good but the church in Cincinnati that I once saw… The FIRST Church of God has to take the prize for the MOST presumptuous church name ever. I mean Cincinnati should be proud they have the FIRST ever church of GOD. Forget Jerusalem for get Bethlehem, Cincinnati has THE FIRST CHURCH OF GOD. While Linda is over there I will try and get her to get a picture of it.


Until Next Time….

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