A-Z – G – Garrotted

G(This post is a co production of the Hurwood Bros Hive Mind)

Fillipe had been training his whole life for this moment. Ever since he had come from the Academy he had known that today might happen… hoped it would happen. It had been drilled into him from day one of basic that if he ever had the chance get the good stuff that he was to answer no questions and just jump on the chance first and maybe, just maybe answer questions later, if he was still alive.

Ever since the Cowpocalypse had struck 10 years ago and all the Cows had been wiped out, all cheese and dairy products had been like Gold to Humans (after all, what good was gold to a mouse). All Mice wanted was cheese, and the bravest and the boldest mice were selected at just after birth to go to the Academy to train to be Cheese Assassins. Half starved Three quarters crazed mice who would go to any lengths to obtain the holy grail for their commune of Mice.

Each mile of land had 3 Cheese Assassins who were stationed permanently in that one area who at the first sniff of cheese would be deployed to the site.

On one particularly cold March Wednesday Fillipe had been scrambled to some old Farmhouse after a tip off from a squeaker (a field look out mouse). Fillipe had his usual tools in his bag. all lightweight so he could move quickly and quietly, undetected. Once at the Farmhouse he entered the premises and his eyes quickly grew accustomed to the dark.

His nose started to twitch straight away, he knew that he had hit the pay-dirt. This was the big one.

He was going to be a hero after this haul.

His training took over.

From over his shoulder he removed the bag he was carrying and from out of the bag he pulled the strong thin metal Garrotte with a pneumatic bolt on one end of the wire to attach to the table. He also had a larger bag to smuggle away his haul.

He climbed the table leg and scoped out the table top, there it was. The most beautiful illicit thing he had ever seen. A Whole Block of Cheese bigger than he had ever seen. His awe was so big he was distracted for a moment that it took a bird chirrup outside to bring him back to his mission.

He scurried around to the far side of the Cheese deployed the blot into the Table and then threw the Garrotte over the Cheese. Up and over first time, He was back around the front side before the wire hit the table as the wire landed he pulled the Garrotte down and sliced half of the Illegal  bounty away and had started to stuff it into the larger sack that he had bought with him.

From the window, sunlight had started to break through, time to move, with a smirk, he swiped a crumb of cheese from the table and stuffed into his mouth and ran for the door.

Another mission over, another group of families will be fed for a few days from fat cat humans breaking the rules.