R.I.P. Robin Williams


Last night the sad, tragic news that Robin Williams had passed away was beamed around the world and in an instant a whole slew of memorable laughs and stomach aches that arose from laughing at his madcap insane humour came flooding to my mind. As the rolling news streamed on the BBC News channel it was already known that he had taken his own life and how he had done it. It seemed almost gruesome that his body not even cold and people knew the details. I couldn’t take much more and went to bed.

This morning I woke up, I didn’t feel ready for the day. One more hero gone and what’s the bloody point and all those fucking cliches.

Then I opened Facebook.

People were talking, not just about his death and how he had taken his life, but about WHY he’d done it. The depression that had plagued him like so many others had been made the bad guy. Sufferers were being listened to by usually unsympathetic partners and families. People you wouldn’t normally expect to talk about Mental Illness were talking about it. The world seemed angry.

The world had lost a genius to the Black Dog and now the dog needed putting down and the world was Animal Control all of a sudden.

I still feel like today shouldn’t be happening, and it really shouldn’t have taken a man of 63 to take his own life to raise awareness, after all millions of us have been doing this for years, but it’s happening and… well…

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Bye Bye 2013

… and hello 2014.

I started a version of this post that was very negative, but then I started to think that I really didn’t want to go into the new year with all that crap on my shoulders. So instead, I look back to the past year and offer the things that have lifted me and made me proud. (more…)

Easter Joy

We had family around today. I really enjoy these times we get to spend together. Usually it’s a flying visit on the school run or something similar but on special occasions we like to get together and spend more time together.

This is my youngest Nephew Gibson (his Dad is a Guitar player).

(Click for larger image)

No technical gumph from me today, just the joy of having a good family.

A New Addition

Hi there Spnak Fans. Well the holiday is done and dusted and I am back on Terra firma again. I have decided I hate flying… the thought of being cooped up in a flying baked bean can does not seem like an enjoyable thing to me any more. But hey, all good things come with the bad.

The holiday was great. I was present almost at the birth of my 7th grandchild, i say almost, i was getting coffee as the baby was being born. Linda was in the delivery suite with Brandy watching the c-section. In fact she was so engrossed in the doings she forgot to take pictures of the actual birth…DOH.

I held the baby within an hour of her birth and it was amazing. I felt like goo holding a precious little life in my clumsy big stubby hands. She didn’t open here eyes once the whole time i was holding her that first time, but she clutched at my finger when I held in her hand. I had a lump in my throat and it was hard to hold back the tear in my eye.

As the days went on and i held the baby more and more she started to snarf and gurgle when she was held and she started to open her eyes and she started to create her own little character. When she slept she slept soundly and when she was hungry she let the world know about it. She was perfect.

With that being said I proudly present the latest addition to the family:

Susana Rose


Susana Rose Williams b 12.10.07 11.22am, weighing 7lb 6oz, 19.5 inches long, ten fingers ten toes and all things in the right place.

Is it too obvious that I am a proud grand-dad?

Until Next Time…

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