Looking Back Over 2016

It’s pretty much a given that everyone thinks that 2016 has been a sucky year. It’s been a pain in the arse for a multitude of reasons for a multitude of people. If you had a hero in the world of entertainment, then you dreaded opening up your favourite News Site in fear of finding that they had died. If you are into Politics then you may have been in hog heaven at the constant barrage of either Brexit or the American Election coverage.

It has been a year of polar opposites for everyone. It didn’t really matter what side of any particular fence you sat on, you probably knew that if you opened your mouth and put fingers to keys and posted to the Internet, someone, somewhere would take offence and you would be embroiled in a wicked slanging match over who was right and who was wrong.

Basically, 2016 has been one long Flame War that no side could win. (more…)



All I’m getting for Christmas….

So a confession.

Well more like a whole raft of confessions.

I have a mortal fear of Dentists.

I hate using a Toothbrush and most things that go in my mouth (and before any smart arse members of my family mention Knives and Forks… SHUT UP!!)

Over the past 15 years I have probably seen a Dental Professional an accumulative amount of times that you could count on both hands.

Finally, on the 14th of December I am having all the remaining Teeth I have left removed and dentures will be fitted. (more…)

Dancing Elvis

It’s been a very strange week so far. I am recovering from an awful weekend of pretty much no sleep. My Insomnia decided to kick in full force and I spent close to 40 hours wide awake and then I very slowly came down from the weekend. I don’t really think I am fully over it all yet. To make matters worse, I lost yet another tooth over the weekend, so more toothache trouble and to heap more crap on to the pain wagon, I have a crick in my neck that just won’t ease up. I feel like I aged 30 years over one weekend.

One ray of sunshine (pun intended) came this morning when I came downstairs and my Solar Powered Bobble Head Elvis was dancing away. So I caught a quick 20 second video and stuck some music behind it.

I am off to carry on my self enforced recalibration

Until next time…

Bored and Awake…Again!!!!

So it’s nearly three am again and I am more awake than ever. I think I have broken my body. The depression is getting too me on a daily basis now and the nerves in the right side of my face are going haywire.

I am sleeping at the weirdest times and throwing my body clock out of whack. I figure I’ll have to bite the bullet and just do 36 hours without sleep and try and break myself back into a normal sleep pattern. I figure with plenty of movies and coffee it shouldn’t be too hard. Combine that with random blog postings at varying stages of awareness and we’ll be flying. (more…)

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