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A Little Off The Top Please, Barber

Doesn’t it just drag your butt when you read something and it sticks with you for so long that you have to respond to it at some point in the vain hope that it will get it out of your system. Well, that is what has happened to me over the past couple of weeks ever since I read this most excellent post by Holley Perry over at ChasingDestino  – Reading that post urged me to comment and if you click this link  it will take you to the comment that I made. Well, that comment has stuck with me ever since and has now forced me to write this. (more…)

What am I into

It’s been a while (again) since I posted. If anyone is still reading (WAVE) thanks for sticking around and sorry for not updating more often. I have been up to… well not a lot really but I have some stuff to talk about.


It’s amazing that I go through stages of listening to music and stages of what I listen to. Lately I have gotten back to my musical roots, Heavy Metal. Iron Maiden, I forgot how good they were. I have listened to their whole catalogue two or three times over in the past couple of months. I had forgotten how deep their music could be and how throw away it can be. It depends on my mood. If i just want noise around I’ll stick on Live After Death or Piece of Mind. If i want deep and meaningful I’ll put on Powerslave or A Matter of Life or Death (newest album). It’s great to have a bands extensive canon to be able to dig into.
Other bands that have been on my play list are Whitesnake, AC DC, Muse and Queensryche. There are loads more but I won’t bore you.


The Simpson’s Movie. I don’t think I have laughed as much at a film in ages. I was amazed that they could take a 30 minute tv show and fill out 90 odd minute movie and have it hold the humour of the short version. I think The Simpson’s movie did what the Family Guy movie didn’t. The family guy movie seemed like it was just four episodes of the show stuck together with a very tenuous links linking them. I enjoyed the F G movie but it didn’t stand a chance against the Simpson’s Movie.


I have gone gadget made lately. I have a new phone The Samsung G600, it’s a nifty phone and as Linda says It’s sexy (I don’t see it but maybe it’s a chick thing.. 😛 ) I also got a new mp3 player the creative Zen v plus. It’s tiny… hope i don’t loose it.

That’s about it from me for now. Hope I update again soon.

Until Next Time…

Oh Yeah… I am off to the USA on the 8th of October… yay a HOLIDAY… I need it

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