Coffee Heaven

One of my all time favourite things is coffee. I drink coffee pretty much all day. If I go out, I have to stop at a coffee shop.

This one was taken at a Supermarket that sell pretty good coffee for a non specialist place. All of their coffee is Fair Trade, so not only do I get a nice cup of coffee, I also help coffee bean growers make some dough… Win/Win

Cappuccino.. Don't mind if I do

Hipstamatic – Lens: Loftus – Film: DC – Flash: Tasty Pop

Tendrils Of Lava

Late one night or possibly even early morning, I woke up with a start and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I got my phone out and started playing around. As I had fallen asleep with my bedside lamp on it was making some rather strange shapes. Here is one I caught.

This is done with Hipstamatic – Roboto Glitter lens, Kodot XGrizzled film.

Midnight Lava Flow

Strange shapes.. kinda like what goes on inside my head at 2am

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