A Useful Mistake

A while ago I was in town and somehow I took a picture of the ground. When I got home and saw this weird shot I just cast it away in my picture dump folder and thought no more of it.

I know the shot was taken with Hipstamatic using the Roboto Glitter Lens and the Claunch 72 Monochrome film… other than that I am at a loss if anything else has been done to the image. I have tested that same set-up and it hasn’t replicated the effect exactly but there is some motion trails.

Pick Up

I love the fact that Hipstamatic can make things seem a lot warmer and make places seem a much nicer place to be.

Take for example this picture:

(Jimmy Lens, Dylan Film and Cherry Shine Flash)

This was taken earlier this afternoon whilst waiting for a cab. It felt like it was the middle of January at the North Pole. Real Brass Monkeys weather. I couldn’t feel my fingertips at the time. But going by this picture you would think that it was a glorious Summers afternoon complete with Sunshine and Butterflies.

In reality it felt like this version:

(John S Lens, Ina’s 1935 Film, No Flash)

Amazing the contrast between two pictures taken a minute apart.. totally different stories being told.

A Sign

Sat having coffee playing with the new Telephoto lens that had arrived the day before yesterday and I took a test shot of the Archway that stands over the path that leads to the Methodist Church in town. I hadn’t set anything up by way of Lens and Film choice in Hipstamatic, these settings were probably left from the previous shots I had taken.

Taken with Hipstamatic using Chunky Lens, BlacKeys SuperGrain Film

Nellies Alley

To start off with I have NO IDEA who Nelly is.. none whatsoever.

Now on to this here image. I can honestly say, that after 2 years of playing around with an iPhone Camera I finally took a picture that I am actually impressed that it came from my camera. I know this may sound very egotistical, but this is an image I would expect from someone who has has PROPER training in Photography. Having said that I am almost positive that this is a fluke of a shot, and when I go out next I will take 30 or 40 duff shots and have absolutely nothing to post. Also, I have Hipstamatic to thank for 75% of the shot… basically, it was just an opportune moment that I acted on. Which ever way you look at it, I am glad I took a chance.

(Click for larger image)

Taken with Hipstamatic using Melodie Lens and Blanko Film.

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