Trolly Line

I couldn’t decide which of these two to use for today’s post, so I am using both of them.

I am not sure what people must have made of a weird guy taking pictures of Shopping carts, but there was something about the way they lined up and the perspective looking down the aisle. I think each image, even though they were taken 90 seconds apart, show a totally different tale.

Both shots taken with Hipstamatic.

Jimmy Lens, Claunch 72 Monochrome Film

Bettie XL Lens, Blanko Noir Film

Old Fashion Department Store

Whilst out and about I came across this shop. What struck me was that it was proud in it’s heritage. It was proud that it was a department store, you could tell they had something for all occasions. I just wish that my phone hadn’t taken a Battery Dump just as I was taking this shot and refused to boot back up for the rest of the day. Most unexplained and even more annoying.

This was taken with Hipstamatic using John S Lens, BlacKeys SuperGrain Film. It was a little too dark for my liking so I boosted it up gently with Camera Flash. It really is a great app.

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